The Art Of Ethical Fashion: Me & Ms Georgie

The modern day fashion world is fast becoming just as much about speed and technology as it is about design and technique. The ever-quickening fashion cycle, lab-coat textile technology, 3hr shopping deliveries, and the consumer’s desire to consume more fashion, and consume it faster is all evidence of this crazy 21st century-whirlwind-fashion-world.

And it’s a world where unfortunately, not everyone is a winner. Fast fashion and the requirement to achieve ever-greater production efficiencies and cheaper pricing often mean that ethics or the environment take a battering along the way. And that’s not cool. Incrementally though, it is possible for consumers and brands to make a difference – through not only acknowledging the necessity to improve how their fashion is produced, but by actually doing something about it as well.

Enter, Me & Ms Georgie.

Founded by Georgie Morell in 2014, Me & Ms Georgie is a refreshingly beautiful Australian label that celebrates a thoughtful and divine kind of luxury. Inspired during a trip to Morocco, Georgie was captivated by the old-world craftsmanship and rich aesthetic showcased by local artisans, and she was motivated to support them.

The Sofia Raffia Box Clutch featured with other gorgeous things! (via Me & Ms Georgie’s Facebook page)


Georgie decided to produce a line of bespoke accessories to promote opportunity, pride and prosperity for these artisans, and which celebrates their vast skill and cultural heritage. The distinctive collection includes shoes, bags, jewellery and objects of desire – all with a twist.

Each piece in the limited-edition collection is a celebration of colour, texture, uniqueness, style, form and function. The collection indulges in the exotic themes of traditional Moroccan artisan craftwork and mixes it with contemporary flashes of colour and detail.

The Me & Ms Georgie collection skilfully brings together natural fibres (think timeless raffia), earthy metals (beaten natural silver), textural finishes (beautiful ponyskin) as well as shell, leather, silk and gemstone.


The Amelia Raffia Loafers. (via Me & Ms Georgie’s Facebook page)


Standouts from the collection include: the Amelia Raffia Loafer (a hand-woven raffia loafer with a perfect masculine/feminine aesthetic – featured above), the Sofia Raffia Box Clutch (a super-chic, two-toned hand-woven raffia clutch that mixes artisanal loveliness with on-trend minimalism), and the range of Bella Embroidered canvas totes (below).


The Bella Embroidered Canvas Tote bags in purple and silver.


Whilst focussing exclusively on natural materials and traditional production, the pieces in this range are anything but basic. To me they exude a sophisticated quirkiness that is distinctive and intelligent. I simply love the Me & Ms Georgie label – for it’s highly-wearable, ethically-sourced tactile designs, and for the heart that lies behind it. It is a label that captures the mood of today’s global fashion gypsy through original style, effortless confidence and classic details.

The Me & Ms Georgie collection will continue to evolve as Georgie explores colour, craftsmanship and the art of possibility.

The striking ‘Georgia Pony Clutch’ in vibrant orange.

Me and Ms Georgie is available exclusively online via their website. Click through to step into a world combining beautiful design with heart and story.  

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    This is fantastic. And those shoes, bags – divine!

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    Very nice clutch with the natural toned flap. Looks like a holiday clutch!♥

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