Wait Till You See The Unexpected Looks + Kiddie Couture From Elie Saab!


We can always count on Elie Saab to drop our jaws a little come couture week, and this season he certainly did just that. Sure, there were plenty of his mesmerizing, over-sized princess-style gowns and more than a handful of Oscars-worthy frocks to keep everyone satisfied, but this season Saab dared to include a few new flavours into his usually quite samey (yet insanely beautiful) runway lineup. A predominantly dark and collection (it’s Fall season after all) with plenty of unexpected twists and turns, this was in many ways a much more grown up and sophisticated collection for Saab.

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Whether the dream-maker is just trying to keep us on our toes or diversify his customer base, I’m not sure – but to further mix things up, the designer decided to dabble in none other than kiddie couture for Fall 2016, (that’s right folks, couture gowns for the under 10’s!)

Scroll through for the highlights of Elie Saab 2016 and let us know what you think of the collection in the comments!



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