Digital Nomadism: Is It For You?

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For the past 10,000 years or so, most human beings stayed in one place for the majority of their lives. They settled in towns and cities which now carpet the planet, where they built their homes. Until recently, travelling from one place to another was virtually impossible, unless you had a specific type of job. But thanks to the cloud, digital working and the growth of the freelance economy, things are changing. The world is not what it used to be. All you really need to make a living today is a laptop and an internet connection. 

But how do you know whether digital nomadism is for you? Should it be the approach you should take to your career?

You Love Minimalism

If you’re somebody who loves the minimalist lifestyle, then digital nomadism might be just the thing for you. Because you’re not tied down to any particular place, you’re free to roam around the world without all the usual clutter. You don’t have to buy an expensive apartment and fill it with treasures. All you really need is what you can carry with you in your luggage – provided the places you stay are furnished. And this means that you can go through life without your possessions placing limits on what you can do. 

You Want To Make Your Money Go Further

When you live as a digital nomad, you can make your money go further, especially if your employer pays you in one of the world’s major currencies. That’s because most countries outside the western world have much lower living costs, allowing you to get by on far less than you might think. For instance, the average annual income in places like Central America and Southwest Asia is just $3,000 per year – not a huge amount of money for the average person living in the US or Europe. 

You Don’t Mind Bureaucracy

While digital nomadism can be a lot of fun, it also includes its fair share of bureaucracy – and there’s no getting away from that, unfortunately. 

If you travel the world, you’ll need to regularly fill out visas – even if you go as a tourist. If you have a permit to live in a country but take your family with you, you may have to complete a spouse visa extension form. Thus, there’s always the worry that they won’t be allowed to stay with you and will have to travel home. Then there is the constant need to move, fill out new forms, and repeat the process all over again. The process is not for everyone. 

You Want To Experience The Fullness Of Life

For some people, experiencing the fullness of life means going abroad and sampling a brand new culture. And with a regular job, getting that sort of experience can be a challenge. Yes – you can be a pilot or a teacher abroad, but you might not want this kind of career path. Having a portable workspace allows you to go pretty much anywhere. 

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