Gift Guide: Diamond Necklaces at Georg Jensen

Necklaces are cherished keepsakes that make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones. They are also a lovely thing to buy for yourself, if you’d like to mark an important achievement or milestone!

Necklaces are one of the most personal accessories, often carrying much symbolism and sentimentality to those that give them and wear them.

Of all the necklace types and styles available, we’d have to say that anything designed with a diamond is bound to rank somewhere near the top of most women’s wish lists! Whether you favour a sparkly diamond pendant, or something more subtle, the allure of diamonds around our neck is strong.

But don’t assume that buying a “diamond necklace” means that you’ll have to quit life’s essentials and stop buying food for a year. Contemporary jewellery labels such as Georg Jensen have created dozens of very wearable – and rather affordable necklace designs which incorporate this magical stone without breaking the budget.

And if you need extra convincing? Just do a little cost-per-wear analysis! If you buy well, diamond necklaces are a good investment that pay for themselves many times over.

Because they withstand the test of time, buying quality jewellery is better than spending on an item you may only wear a few times.

And let’s not forget that a diamond necklace of any shape and size will instantly elevate ANY outfit.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special, or maybe it’s time to treat yourself, be inspired by these gorgeous Georg Jensen diamond necklaces at all price-points:

We Love: Magic Pendant with Diamonds

#1 – Affordable diamonds

No matter if you’re on a budget, you can still find a stunning diamond necklace if you know where to look. The Georg Jensen diamond necklace collection is versatile in terms of value, and there is something at all price-points.

Obviously, the fewer carats the more affordable the piece may be – but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on design or beauty.

We Love: Aurora Pendant

#2 – Classic Brilliant Cut Diamonds

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone else, it’s easier to justify spending a little more as you want to make a big impact! Consider brilliant cut diamond pendants crafted to perfection – these pieces are virtually guaranteed to impress.

Classy and timeless pendants or necklaces feature diamonds alongside precious metals such as yellow gold or white gold. Georg Jensen diamonds are renowned for their fine craftsmanship which never goes out of style.

We Love: Magic Necklace in Yellow Gold

#3 – Milestone Gifts

Giving the gift of a diamond necklace to signify an important anniversary or milestone is a no-brainer. There could be no better way to mark the occasion than with a precious item of jewellery that will be treasured for many years to come.

If you’re shopping for a special occasion necklace, look for styles that are timeless and classic in their design, and ideally quite wearable.

We Love: Fusion Pendant

#4 – Signifying a Special Occasion

There are times when only an outstanding piece will do. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or another big life event, diamonds are a winning option for all special occasion outfits.

We love the iconic design of the Georg Jensen fusion pendant which utilises three different metal types. This gorgeous necklace can be worn time and again for any occasion, and it will mix and match with other items of jewellery easily!

#5 – Family Heirloom-worthy

You wouldn’t instantly think to go shopping for a family heirloom, as these keepsakes tend to be passed down through the generations as a matter of course! However, if the situation calls for it, (and you have the means to splurge), then consider whether your significant purchase can be handed down to the generations after you.

Luxurious and high quality pieces, which are made with the finest precious metals and diamonds are almost always heirloom-worthy. When shopping, consider elegant and classic designs that will stand the test of time.

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