Dear September Guest Post: Colourful Peru

This week we are travelling across the seas to…Peru.

A country we can’t wait to one day visit, it is rich in colour and ancient culture.

Peru is in western South America, it is bordered but countries just as exotic…Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Chile.

Textiles are a huge part of the history and culture of Peru. Brilliant bright colours form the base of intricately embroidered hats and capes that are worn throughout the country, predominately in the smaller mountain villages. Women in many of the older villages throughout the country still weave the intricate fabrics by hand.

History tells that the textile art of Peru dates as far back as 600 BC, in different parts of the country the importance of textiles means different things but in general they are a very important part of the culture of Peru. Many many years ago some cultures throughout the country would wrap  mummies in ornate woven textiles, some nobility wore woven capes, delicate textiles were considered high value and were taken with you to the afterlife.

Today their beautiful textile crafts still play an important part in tradition and are often gifted in courtships and present during marriages & baptism.


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    Lovely images- sounds amazing

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    It would take forever to weave those patterns. I would love to travel and meet the people.

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    Bright colours

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    Love the colours, so cheerful.

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    Looks amazing!

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