The 7 Cult Items You Need For Summer


Remember when Jellies and ripped denim cut off shorts were the must have items for summer? Yes… we blocked those from our memory too. The warmer months are here and with it, the urge to do a spring clean and wardrobe overhaul as soon as possible.

We’re making room for the cult items we’ve had in our shopping carts for months as we can finally justify purchasing them! Hello Vogue Online Shopping Night (VOSN).

Cult Items are pieces that seem to come out of nowhere and suddenly everyone it is toting that bag or those earrings, and you just have to have now!

With the warmer months around the corner, we’ve rounded up the seven must have items of the season.

Warning – Items may be hotter than Australian Summer, prepare accordingly!

cult bags

Credit: who what wear

#1 – The Cult Gia Clutch

If you were looking for proof, it’s in the name – The Cult Gia clutch has been splashed all over social media since its inception. The rustic nature of the polished wood allows this bag to transition seamlessly from the beach to the office with any outfit.

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