Perfect Skin in Minutes: Colour Correcting Secrets Made Easy

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Long gone are the days when only the professionals had access to complexion-perfecting products and techniques. Beauty brands across the board have branched out with easy to use, corrective primers and potions that will fast become your secret base weapon.

Colour correcting uses simple colour theory to counteract dominant tones in the skin and create an even surface. The colours promise to do as follows:

  • Green cancels out red areas.
  • Pink evens out fair skin and counteracts purple under eye circles.
  • Yellow works on olive or tan skin and cancels out purple-blue under eye circles and dark patches.
  • Purple eliminates any unwanted yellow undertones.
  • Pink brightens around the eyes and masks signs of fatigue.
  • Orange is for darker skin tones, it hides dark circles or other spots.

In the spirit of all things technicolour, we’ve found the latest and greatest colour correcting products for you to peruse!


Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector RRP $30.00

The brand known for the oh-so-gorgeous bronzed and glowing skin has released four focused colour correcting creams that will banish any unwanted pigmentation. Peach will neutralise dark spots in medium skin tones, papaya for lightening blues and greens in deep skin tones, Pistachio for pink hyper-pigmentation marks in fair skin (think post breakout) and Violet for brightening skin in olive or tanned skin.

Simply apply precisely to the affected area and press into the skin gently. Like all the Becca base products, expect a luminous finish and incredible saturation, but be sure to cover the correction with a medium to full coverage foundation for the best effect.

Shop Becca at great prices at

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