Celebrities Share Their Biggest Beauty Regrets


We all know the feeling of embarrassment when looking at old photos of ourselves and cringing at how we did our hair and makeup. Whether you plucked your eyebrows to oblivion, or you thought frosted blue eyeshadow was a good idea, we all have beauty regrets. While celebrities may seem like the last people to have any regrets, they are only human after all, so they too have made some questionable beauty choices.

Keep reading to learn the beauty crimes these celebrities regret the most!

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#1 – Chrissy Teigan

Hair colour, when not done by a professional can go horribly wrong, and that’s exactly what happened with Chrissy Teigan when she tried dying her hair red.

“I dyed my own hair this Chocolate Cherry colour, and I forget what brand it was, but I remember getting into so much trouble because it stained our bathtub. It was this red-black colour and it was a big mistake. I feel like my hair is still recovering from it.”

Lesson learned.

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