BWA talks to JETS Designer Jessika Allen

Sexy and sophisticated, JETS Swimwear is all about bringing style to the beach. BWA chats to JETS designer Jessika Allen to discuss her career, design inspirations and summer styling tips for the season ahead.


How did your fashion career begin?     

My family has been involved in fashion and textiles for as long as I can remember…you could say it is in my blood! After completing my degree in Fashion and Textiles, I went on to study Tailoring in Milan.  Upon my return to Australia I designed and developed swimwear for a variety of department store labels and had my own company called JAD (Jessika Allen Designs) before my husband and I decided to purchase the JETS label in 2001.


What compelled you to design and concentrate on swimwear?  

I began working with lycra and stretch fabrics whilst designing bodysuits in the early 80’s (which were all the rage). I love the way stretch fabrics mould and move with the body. My focus shifted to developing ways in which I could shape and enhance women’s natural curves, and create an elegant silhouette. From here it was a natural progression into designing swimwear. 

Who or what inspires you creatively?

I am inspired by many things from art, culture, history, books, and from life’s experience.

Each collection fuses different cultures, memories and the various roles I play in my own life – mother, daughter, wife, sister and friend.


Any advice for those starting off in the industry?      

Be ambitious and trust your instincts. Know what you want and wish to achieve. Be prepared to work hard and long hours. Listen to those around you who have had experience you can learn a lot from them. Be passionate about what you do but don’t loose sight of where you want to go and where you have been.

Who is the JETS woman?

The JETS woman is defined by her mindset rather than age.  Sophisticated and modern the JETS woman is drawn to pieces that reflect her personal sense of style.

I think she is intelligent, a career woman and takes care of herself, but I would also like to think she hosts glamorous pool parties, visits resorts, swims laps every morning and chases her children up and down the beach.

Essentially the JETS woman is someone who seeks fashionability with an inherent understanding of classic styling. She is confident and comfortable in her own skin and appreciates quality and knows when she sees it.

 What are your top tips for this seasons summer style?       

This season is about capturing the aesthetic of bygone era’s with retro shapes and prints: from gingham to stripes and spots. Bandeau’s and high waisted pants are featured, along with cute boyleg one pieces. Another key trend is a strong emphasis on bold colours in sexy, wearable cuts. Distinctive finishes like contrast banding, bows, and lace up detailing add personality to the garments. JETS are known for their one pieces and will continue to be a summer favourite. A must for any season is relaxed cotton outerwear or stunning silk kaftans – both can be worn over your costume or with shorts/pants for versatility.

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