BWA Chats To: Doone Roisin, The Iconic

Doone Roisin is a young, super talented business woman that has risen quickly through the ranks of one of Australia’s biggest e-commerce sites, The Iconic. 

With a killer sense of style, access to the most amazing wardrobe, and a talent for the written word, its only natural that Doone would also branch out into her own successful blog, She Spoke Style.

We picked Doone’s brains about her career, life and style….read below for more!

BWA: What is your career journey thus far?

DR: It’s a bit of a mixed bag of lollies! The short version? I studied visual communications (aka Graphic Design) in Brisbane and after working for a small publication decided it wasn’t for me. From there I started working for a Fashion Events company and got a lot of experience working alongside a Brisbane based surfwear label, Vanguard. Once I had some experience up my sleeve I made the move to Sydney and stepped right into THE ICONIC world.

BWA: How did you start at The Iconic?

DR: Well! I actually started as an intern in the PR department last January.. But as it was early days for the company and we’ve grown crazy fast I quickly moved up the ranks with all things social media landing a real life dream job.

BWA: What’s a typical day for you at work?

DR: Typically.. Ha! It’s never the same! I spend a lot of time creating content for our blog ICONIC INSIDER which might see me attending events, meeting designers for Q&A’s or shooting in the studio. Being in the editorial team I also get to work on THE ICONIC Magazine when needed and there’s a lot of computer time too, soo many emails and of course the constant trawling of the interwebz.

BWA: How would you describe your sense of style?

DR: It varies a lot depending on my mood! I definitely like to add a touch of quirkiness to my outfits, there seems to be a lot of sportyluxe & monochrome going on.

BWA: What inspired you to start your own blog, She Spoke Style?

DR: With my job I get to experience so many fun things (it really is a dream job!) and work with the most inspirational, intelligent people.. And I also get to do a lot of cool things outside of THE ICONIC through the people I meet and the things that I’m interested in, I just wanted to start an online diary to share these experiences more in my own personal view. And then there’s the fact that I’m a shopaholic with so many clothes, it’s nice having a creative outlet of my own where I’m the boss!

BWA: Items in your wardrobe you are loving right now?

DR: Well, a few hours ago I purchased this Stylestalker skirt so fingers crossed it will be my new fave once it arrives. I’m also loving this Cameo tunic even though my boyfriend thinks it looks like a tea-towel haha.

BWA: Who inspires you?

DR: Hmm tough one, there are so many people that inspire me! I’m a big fan of Iris Apfel for her quirky sense of style, here’s hoping I follow in her footsteps 🙂 Miranda Kerr – I mean who doesn’t love her impeccable style and Sex and the City!! Carrie’s outfits never get old.

BWA: Whats in your beauty bag right now?

DR: I’m not big on the beauty bag! But Mac’s Morange seems to always make a reappearance. Love a great poppy lip.

BWA: Finally, if you could have breakfast with anyone,alive or dead, who would it be and why?

DR: Sheesh.. Is it too cliche to say Grace Coddington? I just finished her memoir and oh my goodness, what a superwoman!!

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