Keeping the Class in your Boho Bridal Look

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The boho bridal look is romantic and free spirited, set to a soundtrack of soulful acoustic tunes and rolling waves. It’s a creative expression of beauty for the new age; where we marry for love rather than tradition.

Whilst you might be the ultimate free spirit, a hippy who would walk down the aisle in a sarong if your mother-in-law weren’t sitting front row, boho bridal style has also become a trend for the more sophisticated bride.

With a little finesse you can still channel the romantic, kindred spirit of a bohemian look, whilst embodying a classic sophistication that will blow your guests, and more importantly, the love of your life away.


1. Buy a dress made from quality material

Think French lace, silk, chiffon and intricate beading. Boho wedding dresses are floaty, free and more often than not reveal a little skin. Having less structure and layers, they embrace the natural female form and should look comfortable on the body.  Have your dress made by a designer that specialises in this look and offers quality fabrics. 

2. Avoid excessive jewellery. 

As the design of a boho wedding dress is less formal, excessive or dangly jewellery can give the look a gypsy vibe.  Stick to simple, elegant pieces like drop pearls, precious stones or touches of rose gold.


Dress: Grace loves lace. Image: BWA’s Pinterest


3. Keep makeup fresh and minimal with a touch of colour. 

Boho weddings will usually take place in an outdoors or rustic, inside setting.  Heavy foundation and overly dramatic fake eyelashes are not going to mesh well with the organic tone of the boho theme. Enhance your features with softer contours and highlights and add a touch of classic beauty with some lip colour.  Red is never out of the question for any style.

4. Pick your shoes wisely.

Unless its truly you, don’t make impulsive choices based on a trend you saw on the Internet, such as vintage cowboy boots.  It may appear cute in a styled wedding shoot, but from a different angle it could look a little ‘barnyard’. Suitable heels can add elegance to your boho look. If you’re getting hitched in the sand, foot jewels or barefoot are best.


Image: BWA’s Pinterest


5. Fit your flower crown before the big day.

There’s nothing more boho than a flower crown.  If you’re planning on wearing one, make sure it fits your head properly and doesn’t take too much emphasis away from your face.  Be wary that an oversized crown can give off a traditional headdress or biblical type look.  If you’re using fresh blooms, have the crown made the morning of the wedding so the flowers stay beautiful throughout the entire day.

6. Keep messy hairstyles healthy looking. 

The boho bridal hairstyle of choice seems to be long, loose waves with a ‘just made out in the daisy field’ effect. Leave it to a professional to recreate this, to avoid a scruffy appearance. If your hair doesn’t hold volume or curls well, consider a soft up-do, such as a plaited crown, so as to avoid a flat and lifeless effect by the reception. 


7. Co-ordinate with your groom. 

You’re the bride.  The last thing you want is to be out-styled by your groom and end up looking like a stowaway.  He may need to renegotiate if he’s an only-black-tux kind of man. If you’re getting married in summer and planning to show a lot of skin, it might be best for him to ditch his jacket or trade his tie for something more whimsical like a vintage bow tie to drop the formality a notch.

What do you think of the boho bridal look? Let us know in the comments below!


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    I think I have a lot of boho in me but my wedding was anything but!

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