6 Best Designer Handbags Worthy Of The Investment

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Best Designer Handbags: What ones really ARE the best? We’ve  selected the 6 designer handbags we’d happily spend money on right this minute. These have proven to be iconic and timeless without being boring or old-fashioned.

Designer handbags, once thought of as nothing more than a frivolous indulgence for the rich, are now seen as an essential component in any classy woman’s wardrobe.

First world indulgence – for sure. Pure marketing genius? Maybe. But whatever thoughts you happen to have on the topic, one thing is for certain – the best designer handbags can upgrade an ordinary outfit (and in fact, and entire wardrobe) in a split second.

Of course, incorporating designer handbags into your outfits is the easy part! It isn’t rocket science to team your Chanel Boy with a classic jeans and white T-shirt combo. Or your YSL Kate with an LBD.

For most of us, the difficult part is saving up enough pennies to invest in the first place, and knowing exactly what the best designer handbags are when it comes to giving you the most mileage for your money.

But once you’ve decided, don’t be afraid of buying something second hand. Shopping only from reputable retailers such as The Real Real, you can pick up some amazing purchases for much less than the RRP.

These designer handbags will stand the test of time and pay dividends from a wardrobe perspective for many years to come. In fact, it’s true that some designer bags actually appreciate in value, so don’t feel so bad with your purchase!

Scroll through our gallery of best designer handbags worthy of the investment.

best designer handbags chanel classic flap

Best Designer Handbags – Ultra Classic

#1 – Chanel Classic Flap

Created in 1955, it is safe to say that this designer handbag is definitely one of the best, and it’s not going away any time soon. Iconic and classic, the Chanel classic flap comes in several sizes and colours.

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