The Best Beauty Products All Students Need To Know

There’s a recognised opinion that students’ life in university consists exclusively of attending lectures, cramming for exams and worrying about grades. However let’s be realistic, chilling out and partying with friends are irreplaceable aspects of life for every student too! And when there’s socialising and partying, there’s the need for on-point beauty.

While just about all females have a weakness for beauty products and are ready to spend their last dollar to feel beautiful, this is even more true when we’re young and entering adulthood. With blossoming first loves and first relationships, our desire to care about our appearance and be as gorgeous as possible is understandable.

Keep reading for the best beauty secrets all students need to know!

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#1 – Oil control tissues

Oily skin is a common complaint amongst college-aged people, and if not dealt with properly, it it can bring a lot of trouble and discomfort. But quick, easy help is at hand. Oil control tissues are perfect for absorbing excess skin oil without removing your makeup. Simply pat the pad to your face and wait till it absorbs all oil. Conveniently cost-effective, stash a packet in your bag and never experience high-shine and greasy build up again.

(And speaking of fast results, don’t forget about the existence of homework help websites for college students where everyone can get assistance with any assignment in a jiffy.)

#2 – Mask sheet

Studying often makes us feel nervous and stressed, and those worries affect the condition of our skin. Uneven tone, redness, dark circles, and acne are the main symptoms of skin that is under pressure. Mask sheets are an ideal way to return a healthy glow to your skin, while adding moisture and reducing redness. There are many mask sheets on the market with different ingredients aimed to solve various problems. Take a look at what your skin needs, and pick the most suitable. And a cheeky tip: if you are simply too tired to study, alleviate the burden by asking professionals to help with your assignment

#3 – Eyeshadow palette with neutral colours

No matter if you’re a fan of the brightest Kylie Jenner-esque eye looks, owning a basic neutral eyeshadow palette is a must. Not only is a natural eye the most classic and wearable of makeup styles, some colleges do not actually permit students to wear extravagant makeup! So, leave your neon palettes and cut-creases for parties. Neutral palette with grey, brown, and nude colours will help you emphasise your natural beauty and create gorgeous evening makeup too.

#4 – Waterproof mascara

Life is full of ups and downs, and that’s especially true for people who are studying. Whether it’s a failed exam, participating in a swimming tournament or getting caught in the rain, you’ll need a waterproof mascara in your beauty arsenal for all of these occasions. Waterproof mascara will never betray you, and for a few dollars it’s a worthwhile investment.

#5 – Lip tint

If you’re tired of wearing long-lasting lipsticks that aren’t long-lasting at all, or simply don’t like the feeling of lipstick on your lips, then a lip tint is the best solution for you. The peculiarity of this product is its bright and long-lasting colour, in a weightless and light structure. Because the pigment fixes on your lips and stays bright for the whole day, you can eat and kiss your boyfriend as many times as you want without worrying about your makeup.

#6 – BB cream

Long-lasting and full-coverage foundations aren’t everyone’s cup of tea for a day on campus. To cover some imperfections and make the skin look flawless every day, make BB cream your go-to. There are both lightweight and high-density formulas for different types of skin, and they’re affordable too!

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