Beauty Review: Replederm – A Brand Backed By Passion + Science


When I embark on a new skincare regime, it’s an active investment in time and money. I don’t want to lose a day – or even a minute on products that aren’t going to do anything for my appearance. Whilst there’s a place for glossy aesthetic indulgence in my beauty cabinet (Chanel lipstick and Dior nail polishes spring to mind) when it comes to skincare I want more than just a pretty bottle. I want to know that the product I have chosen is backed up by research, passion – and science.

When the founder of Replederm (an Australian brand) reached out to introduce her new cosmeceutical skincare line I was interested to learn more. A highly experienced pharmacist, Tania Tan began her brand with the passion to assist busy and active women achieve vibrant, radiant and natural looking skin by incorporating holistic approaches of age-old wisdom, modern research and an open mind. The brand’s philosophy is to let women enjoy the natural radiance of their skin, and free themselves from having to use heavy makeup.

When Tania’s line-up of premium skin care concoctions didn’t live up to expectations, she asked her mother-in-law (who boasted beautiful skin and a knowledge of natural remedies) for insights.

Tania says: “We decided to start a little apothecary project. Together with her knowledge in natural remedies and my access to Western chemistry, I put my professional skill as a compounding pharmacist into practice. We spent lots of time researching information, flipping through literature, sourcing ingredients, trialing different formulations, getting product tested on our skin and giving sample pots away to people around us.”

After careful refinement, Replederm was born.

Consisting of three key products: a serum, a dark spot corrector and an anti-ageing creme, the range tackles our most important ageing and skincare concerns simply and straight-forwardly.

I’ve been using all three Replederm products for the past few weeks, so read on for my review of the trio!

Replederm Beauty Review


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