Eight Beauty Solutions You Can Find In Your Pantry


Who doesn’t love a pamper day? Either alone or with friends, cleansing with a soothing mask, exfoliating your skin until its soft and renewed, or refreshing your hair with a nourishing treatment, a home-spa day gives you the energy to face the world. But with millions of products lining the shelves, packed with who-knows-what and from God-knows-where, why not try a DIY solution?

By using ingredients from your pantry you can ensure your skin gets only the best, freshest and organic ingredients to help it regenerate and glow, with no nasties.

So take a scroll through our top tips for pampering yourself from your pantry!


#1 – Rose Body Scrub

Combine 2 tbsp of finely ground pink Himalayan rock salt with 1 tbsp of virgin coconut oil and 4 drops of rose oil. Use this as a gentle, natural scrub to exfoliate your skin, whilst moisturising and soothing.

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