If there is one word that comes to mind when the name Cara Delevingne is uttered it is ‘eyebrows’. Such is the fascination with these two eyebrows that they’ve reignited global interest in the power brow, which is also a personal favourite of Australian beauty Rose Byrne and royal mum-to-be, the Duchess of Cambridge. Long gone are the days of string thin eyebrows (hallelujah) as women usher in the new age of heavy, bolder brows.


However, being one of the hottest supermodels of 2013 means that Miss Cara can pull off virtually any hair related trend, so before you make any hasty eyebrow sculpting decisions, here’s the lowdown on the brow of the moment.



The thought of adding dark colour to one’s eyebrow is a bit of a daunting prospect but it’s actually a lot easier than you might think and the results can be amazing. For brunettes, tinting is less important as your brows are already pretty rich in colour, but for us blondes with fair hair, adding a darker hue to our brows can make them pop and can help to frame our faces. Cheap eyebrow tinting kits such as 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit (RRP $14.95) are available from most pharmacies and come with simple step by step instructions to give you that professional look at home. Remember to apply some Vaseline around your brows before your starting tinting, which will protect your skin from staining.


Pencil and highlight

A good quality eyebrow pencil like Maybelline New York’s Define-A-Brow (RRP $13.95) is a fast and foolproof way of filling in any gaps, evening out colour and providing extra definition and feathering to the brow. Drag down at the end of the eyebrow to elongate the brow and draw attention to your eyes and cap off the inner corner with a rounded or square shape. Adding a highlight can also create a dramatic effect; try gliding Chi Chi Eye Brow Lift (RRP $14.95) along the lower border of the brow which will lift the arch of the brow and create a subtle glow to your whole face.



While pencils are perfect for adding colour and definition, an eyebrow powder is essential for a thicker and bolder looking brow. Ardell Brow Defining Powder (RRP $11.99) uses a mix of concentrated pigments to create naturally fuller eyebrows. Using a similar technique to the pencil, use short and light strokes to apply the powder, beginning at the inner corner of the brow and working outwards along the natural arch.



The last thing you want after you’ve spent the time sculpting and styling your eyebrows is for them to become a mess in a matter of hours. So to keep your eyebrows in check, use a gel like Essence Lash Brow Gel Mascara (RRP $3.95) which will coat the brows, hold them in shape and add a glossy finish that will last all day.


Leave waxing to the pros

For those sporting wild and unruly eyebrows, waxing seems like the easiest and quickest way to get an eyebrow down to a desired shape. However, while there are plenty of DIY home waxing kits on the market, it is strongly advised you avoid the temptation. Do some research on local waxing salons in your area, keeping in mind that word of mouth recommendations are often the most reliable kind. Your eyebrows are one of the most noticeable features of your face so unless you feel like wearing a long curtain style fringe for the foreseeable future, don’t take the risk of a partially or fully bald eyebrow!



Plucking is a lot less dangerous a pursuit than waxing, making this a form of brow maintenance you can do safely at home. Invest in a good quality magnifying mirror and concentrate on removing all rogue hairs. Whilst keeping the skin taut, pluck hairs lurking in between your eyebrows before getting rid of any hair lying outside of the natural arch of the eyebrow. Plucking should mainly be to keep the shape of your brow and keep it looking defined, so be careful to not go overboard because an over-arched, over plucked eyebrows will date your look.




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    Thanks for the tips. Really helpful.

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    Great tips! a well groomed pair of eyebrows frame the face so well.

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    Great tips, eyebrows make a face.

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