Winter hair is certainly no summer picnic, every time we step into a heated room or out into frosty winds it can feel like a 3 month sentence to dry, dull, frizzy and lifeless tresses. But fear not, with a little extra TLC and some crafty accessorizing, we can say sayonara to that urge to shove a paper bag on our heads to hide styling disasters.


To help you in your quest for healthy and luscious locks all year, here’s a quick run down on the winter hair care essentials:

De-frizz with VO5 Frizz Relief Elixir Miracle Mist RRP: $6.95

Rain, wind and the bitter cold can all lead to a serious case of frizzy hair, but VO5’s Miracle Mist formula is a convenient lightweight leave-in conditioning spray that smoothes and adds shine to wiry, dull and heat damaged hair. The elixir also detangles problem hair and protects against breakage, leaving hair supple, silky and healthy.

Protect hair from heat with TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray RRP: $9.95

Considering the harsh conditions your hair is already dealing with in winter, it is recommended you avoid using heating tools altogether. However if a life without a hair straightener and curling iron is a reality too terrible to imagine, it is worth investing in a quality heat protecting spray. TRESemme’s Thermal Protection Spray coats the hair shaft and provides a safeguard from heat styling damage and friction, ensuring your hair stays smooth and soft. The spray is also enriched with a vitamin that locks in moisture and keeps hair hydrated.

Nourish hair with Aria A Gold Moroccan Argan Oil RRP: $25.00

The increased popularity of using Moroccan Argan oil for hair is one of the best things to happen to follicles since the demise of the perm. Quite simply, this stuff is liquid gold for anyone wanting to rejuvenate their hair and is a 100% natural product that Moroccan women have sworn by for centuries. Moroccan Argan oil nourishes hair with natural Vitamin E and antioxidants, while repairing the hair’s cell structure, sealing in shine and creating silky softness throughout the year.


Regular Trims

This may seem like an obvious one, but because your hair is more prone to breakage, splitting and dryness during winter, the ends of your hair will require some extra attention.  If split ends go untrimmed, this can lead to nasty breakages higher up on the hair shaft, so booking in for that haircut at least every 6 weeks and having your stylist remove a minimum of ¼ inch is essential to maintain a healthy looking mane.


Brush With Care

Many may think that diligent brushing is an important part of your hair care routine, but your brush could in fact be doing far more damage than good. Being too rough with your brush or over brushing (100 strokes a day is not necessary) can damage already fragile follicles. If there is just one habit that must be kicked during winter months is back-combing or teasing; it rips up the scales of your hair and when you brush through that section again the scales break off completely.


Eat Healthy

What we put into our bodies has an effect on our hair, so packing our diet full of extra veggies, fruit and the right vitamins can make your hair radiate health from the inside out. Silica is a popular mineral supplement which strengthens follicles, stimulates hair grow and promotes thickening of the hair shaft, as well as improving the health of yours nails and skin elasticity. The vitamin B group is also great for strengthening hair, with Biotin and B12 being particularly effective in speeding up hair growth.


Get Creative With Headwear

It’s worth making friends with beanie, berets and hats this winter as they not only stop too much body head escaping through our heads, but can be a quick and stylish fix for any hair crisis. They are excellent at hiding bad hair days, keeping stray hairs in check, adding a splash of colour to your outfit and preventing a hairstyle from being totally destroyed by a gust of wind. And if you are in a particularly 1920s frame of mind, there are plenty of cute Daisy Buchanan/Great Gatsby inspired hats that have hit the shelves.


Image: Tumblr


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