Autumn Around The World: Best Places And What To Do

autumn around the world

There’s something for everyone to enjoy around the world during Autumn, regardless of whether you’re an explorer, foodie, or culture vulture.

Autumn, or fall as it’s known in America, is a season of change – the leaves transform from green to golden to crimson to brown before they drop to the ground. While autumn is typical for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s not shared everywhere.

It’s a season of harvest celebrations and strolls through parks blazing with autumnal hues in specific locations. In other places, the frigid weather is an occasion to curl up with warm blankets and beverages. There are many destinations where you can enjoy the enchantment of Autumn worldwide.

Here we whet your appetite for adventure and round up the many autumnal experiences to choose from, whether that’s in Sydney, New England, Kyoto, Munich, and Cape Town. We also discuss some of the festivals and events that contribute to the uniqueness of this time of year.

Keep reading to be inspired about autumn around the world!

autumn around the world

#1 – Sydney, Australia

Autumn in Sydney Australia showcases the season’s beauty unlike any other place globally. Sydney generally experiences warm, sunny weather all year round, with autumn as the transitional season between winter and summer.

Autumn in Sydney is the perfect season for outdoor pursuits like hiking, picnics, and visiting the city’s parks and gardens since temperatures fall to a more bearable level.

Beautiful natural areas like the Blue Mountains, are all around the city and they are a must-see during Autumn. The Blue Mountains, which are known for their gorgeous greenery, are close to Sydney and quite easy to get to.

Sydney has a variety of autumn-themed festivals and events as well. The annual Fall Harvest Festival, which takes place in April, is among the most well-liked occasions. The event has vendors offering fresh fruits, vegetables, handmade goods, and the best of Sydney’s food. Also, there are culinary classes, workshops, and live musical performances.

The Autumn Colours Tour, which takes guests on a guided tour of the gardens to discover the stunning Autumn colours, is offered by the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney for those who like the outdoors.

Experiencing Autumn in Sydney, Australia, is unique – there are a variety of outdoor pursuits and cultural celebrations set amongst gorgeous natural landscapes and dynamic metropolitan culture.

#2 – New England, United States of America

The trees in New England change into vivid hues of red, orange, and yellow throughout the autumn, creating a sight of colour to behold. Situated in the northeastern half of the country, six states comprise the New England area: Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

The topography and temperature of New England makes it the ideal location for viewing autumn foliage. Autumn here is chilly and dry, allowing the leaves to change colour before dropping to the ground. Tourists may enjoy breathtaking autumnal scenery by driving leisurely via the area’s meandering roads.

Many festivals and activities are held throughout New England to honor autumn. The Big E Fair, annually in Massachusetts in September, is among the most well-liked occasions. The fair highlights the best of New England’s agriculture and crafts, live music performances, and amusement attractions.

Throughout autumn the area also has several apple and pumpkin festivals where you can indulge in many activities like picking apples and pumpkins, hayrides, and corn mazes.

The Head of the Charles Regatta, which takes place on the Charles River in Massachusetts in October is another well-liked occasion. Teams worldwide compete in various races during the largest two-day rowing regatta in history.

In New England, autumn is a stunning and colourful season that highlights the area’s spectacular scenery. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy during this time of year, from festivals and events to beautiful drives down winding roads. Whether you want the outdoors or cultural activities, New England is a must-go location to experience Autumn in all its splendour.

#3 – Kyoto, Tokyo

Autumn is the perfect season to visit Japan’s Kyoto due to the city’s relaxed, pleasant temperatures and typically calm and dry atmosphere. Kyoto transforms into a kaleidoscopic wonderland throughout this season.

Mountains and woods that provide spectacular views of the fall colours are all around the city. Tourists may wander around the many gardens and parks in the city, including the well-known Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, which are particularly well-liked in the Autumn.

Moreover, at this time of year, Kyoto is also known for its celebrations which include the Jidai Matsuri and the Festival of the Centuries. A procession honoring Kyoto’s rich history and culture is part of the event which takes place in October. To the tune of taiko drums and flutes, participants dress up in traditional attire and march around the streets.

The lovely autumn season in Kyoto, Japan, highlights the city’s natural and cultural legacy. Kyoto is a must-visit location for anybody wishing to enjoy the splendour of Autumn in a genuinely unique way, thanks to its breathtaking scenery and exciting events.

#4 – Cape Town, South Africa

Temperatures in Cape Town, South Africa range from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius in autumn, with warm days and cold evenings. Stunning mountains and beaches surround the city which is situated in the southwest of South Africa.

In the autumn, Cape Town comes alive with various festivals and events. The Cape Town International Kite Festival, which takes place in March, is among the most well-known occasions. The event offers guests a variety of food and drinks kiosks and bright kites in different sizes and forms.

The Cape Town Jazz Festival, taking place in April and draws some of the top jazz players in the world, is another well-liked occasion. During two days, the festival offers many stages for acts, and attendees may take advantage of numerous food and beverage booths.

Throughout Autumn, tourists may also discover Cape Town’s natural beauty. The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is incredibly gorgeous at this time of year because of its many plant types and lovely Autumn foliage.

In this part of the world, autumn is a season of pleasant weather and energetic events. It offers something for everyone, whether you enjoy music and the outdoors or are just searching for a new experience.

#5 – Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany, has a magnificent autumn bursting with colour, fresh air, and cultural activities. Munich has a moderate climate with fall temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. The Bavarian Mountains and woodlands make for a lovely backdrop for the city in southern Germany.

Autumn in Munich provides a variety of activities, such as mountain trekking, forest biking, and relaxing with a warm beverage at a comfortable café. As it is converted into a breathtaking Autumn paradise at this time, the Englischer Garten is a well-liked resort.

Munich is also famed for its Autumn celebrations, including Oktoberfest. The typical Bavarian cuisine, beer, and music are all included during this event, which runs from mid-September until early October. Cultural activities like the Munich Film Festival and the Long Night of Museums are also available to visitors.

Anybody seeking to enjoy the Autumn’s magnificence must travel to Munich. At this magical time of year, Munich has much to offer everyone, from the untouched natural wonder of the Bavarian Mountains to the cultural events and festivals.

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