Australian Christmas Food Hampers: How To Choose The Perfect One

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While there is a world of possibilities for Christmas gift ideas, there are only a few that are universally accepted by people of all ages and generations…

Christmas is the time of the year when people tend to forget all the past difficulties and start thinking positively and progressively. We exchange gifts and spend time with friends and family. Food is one gift idea that brings a smile to almost anyone, and Australian Christmas Hampers are perennially popular for a reason. Gifting delicious food items is an amazing way to treat our friends and loved ones.

If you’re not sure where to begin, this article provides a guide on choosing the perfect Australian Christmas food hamper for the holidays!

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But first, what is an ‘Australian Christmas Hamper’?

Australian Christmas gift hampers are mostly made up of non-perishable food items that can remain fresh for a considerable amount of time. There is no set standard and anything can be included really, depending on the preferences of the giver or the recipient.

Popular hamper combos include sweet snacks like biscuits, nuts, chocolates, jam, and condiments. Some people prefer to give drinks over food in their hampers. There are great gift ideas for them as well, such as tea, coffee, wine and champagne, and just about anything else you can think of.

Giving an Australian-themed Christmas gift hamper to people living in distant places away from their family and friends is really special. There is an abundance of Aussie-style food options that you can choose from to remind them of home.

How to Choose the Perfect Hamper

As mentioned above, Christmas food hampers are super-popular in Australia and are considered perfectly acceptable gifts. Here’s how to pick out the ideal Christmas food hamper that the receiver will go crazy for.

Shop online

While there is no hard and fast rule for searching food hampers on the internet, like anything you are shopping for, remain specific in your hunt for ideas. Try looking for particular food items with the type or brand included when you’re searching. This will provide you with a narrow and more suitable selection of Christmas food hamper ideas to choose from and you’ll find the perfect one more efficiently.

Suss out what the recipient likes

Everyone gets excited when they’re given something that’s been carefully considered – gifts are extra special when you know the giver has really tried to find something you like.

Make sure your hamper benefits the recipient in some way or another, and try to cater to their likes and preferences as much as possible! An example can be giving a collection of gourmet teas to someone who has certain food allergies, as this reduces the chances you’ll give them something edible they can’t enjoy.

Wine lovers, for instance, will relish the pleasure of sipping some classy red wine during Christmas. For them, this is the ultimate form of relaxation and an excellent gift from any friend. Why miss this opportunity? When gifting alcohol, make sure you know the specific type and brand they crave the most. A passionate vodka enthusiast would definitely not be overjoyed to unbox a bottle of scotch whiskey as a present.

Determine Your Budget

Scouring online will no doubt result in getting bamboozled with a multitude of hamper choices. Whilst it’s easy to get tempted to spend up big – and you should if you have the budget – you can always look for cheaper alternatives that still pack a punch. You might want to swap the expensive French champagne for a bottle of Aussie sparkling. On Christmas day, when the hamper is opened, the excitement will be much the same.

Furthermore, some people prefer quantity over quality or vice versa. This is a crucial aspect of gift shopping that everyone should consider. A box of cupcakes might be perceived as more generous compared to a single, frosted cake. While these might cost approximately the same, it is up to you to figure out the preference of the recipient and buy accordingly.

Select a Hamper and Find Out More

Once you have selected your Christmas hamper, do some final research. If purchasing from a physical store, make sure you check the package, to make sure it’s sealed up correctly and everything is within the expiry date. If purchasing online, check their returns and shipping policy to make sure that if something goes wrong or breaks in transit, you are covered.

Try Give Something That is Long Lasting

People love Christmas hampers that are packed to the brim! Food items that can be stored and consumed for days afterward are welcomed by everyone. This concept is similar to the option involving quantity vs quality mentioned earlier in this article. In most cases, the more the merrier is the way to go!

Try to choose a Christmas hamper that keeps on giving. Whether it’s more volume of inclusions, or something particularly meaningful, this way, the person will enjoy your gifts for longer and value you even more than before.

Final Tips

While Santa is the official bearer of gifts during the holiday season, it is up to the adults to make it happen in real life. Choosing the ideal Christmas gift can be very daunting but you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful Christmas food hamper. Make sure you start planning well before the Christmas week arrives, to get the best deals and to guarantee the packages arrive on time.

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