Advanced Style: 5 Ways Your Gran Can Be Your Guru

3. “Treat Others as You’d Like to Be Treated”  

Good manners don’t cost a thing – and practice them and makes a sweet impression. Arriving on time. Table manners. Not texting while you eat. But this raised the stakes where I treat absolutely everybody like royalty.  Short of bowing and curtseying, I referred to people as Sir and M’me and pulled out chairs, opened doors and threw my coat down on any pesky puddles. ​

Weirdly this felt good, like I was an extra in some golden hollywood movie (albeit playing the butler). Giving people supreme respect made me appreciate humanity, especially in a disconnected major city. I also mastered the traditional table setting, resplendent with everything from bread plates to dessert spoons. Only the best for my nanna, right? ​

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