Accessories for the Classy and Sophisticated Gentlemen

how to get gentleman style
For men who want to elevate their style, accessories can make the difference. Sophisticated gents take the time to find the right accessories to create the perfect look they want.

Anyone can “get dressed” but getting dressed like a gentleman is an art. Their fashion and style choices define their taste and character. Thanks to their unique style, sophisticated gents have an aura that always stands out. The secret lies in knowing which accessories are needed to build a classy look.

The Key Accessories For Gentlemen

#1 – A Tailor

You might ask how a tailor can be an accessory. The answer is, yes, a tailor is a kind of accessory for a gentleman as they will make you look more polished and cultivated. In simple terms, a gentleman needs to wear a perfectly fitted suit. A tailor makes it possible. So, having a good relationship with a tailor is necessary. If you buy a suit from somewhere, and it does not fit 100% perfectly, the tailor’s handiwork will fix it accordingly.

#2 – Rings

One or two finger rings are acceptable for sophisticated gents. Avoid large jewels but instead opt for a simple band in a high quality metal such as platinum or gold. These give the effect of a reserved but mature look. Click to look for the perfect ring that matches your style.

#3 – Cufflinks

Cufflinks are essential for classy presentation, as they add sophistication and luxury. A gentleman always has a suite of cufflinks ready to adorn any outfit. Matching them with your tie or shoes can be a great idea to look more upmarket.

#4 – Ties

A gentleman should have a knack for collecting ties of different styles and colours. You should have them in several styles such as straight ties, bow ties, and even cravats. Take the time to choose one that complements your suit. Invest in quality ties from European brands that will stand the test of time.

#5 – Tie Clips

The regular purpose of a tie clip is to make the tie stay pinned to the shirt. While not an essential accessory, they are fashionable to use to elevate your outfit. A silver or gold metallic tie clip is the way to go, and they lend a more organised appearance.

#6 – Belts

Belts are as necessary as a tie, and having multiple belts is essential for a gentleman. Different belts should be matched with different outfits, and you should also coordinate them with your shoes to look even more stylish. Ensure that belts are in good shape and show no signs of wear and tear.

#7 – Pocket Square

For gentlemen, pocket squares are a timeless accessory that add flair and colour to suits and blazers. Pocket squares can be worn with sporting, business casual, or a corporate look. They are a classic accessory for a gentleman to own, and like ties, only the finest quality materials should be purchased.

#8 – Watches

Nowadays, regular wristwatches have become obsolete as mobile phones have taken over. Despite this, watches are still essential if you want to create a gentlemanly look. Watches indicate your intention for organisation and time management. They can also be a conversation starter. Conversely, checking the time from a mobile phone can make you look distracted, which kills the vibe you are trying to convey. You can also check out Dalvey’s sophisticated pocket watches if you’re into vintage classy look.

#9 – Fragrance

Fragrance is a must for grooming and you should be thoughtful when choosing one. Having different scents for different seasons and different occasions is the way to go. Only shop for upmarket fragrances that give off an impression of luxury.

#10 -A wallet

An ideal gentleman keeps a wallet with him. You should not just keep money in your pocket as you want. It can look untidy. Keep a wallet to define your cleanliness. A wallet can hold your cash and credit cards in an organized way that reflects your character.

#11 – Socks

You should wear your socks to compliment your dress perfectly. But not just any ordinary one. Choosing socks well is very important. A gentleman thinks about the dressing from head to toe. You need to pick the best that matches your style and fashion.

#12 – Eye Wear

To elevate your outfit, good glasses are a must. If you don’t need prescription glasses, go with sunglasses. Choose them according to your facial structure. Like rectangular glasses are more proper for round faces and round glasses go well with faces that have sharp features.

#13 – Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are also a necessary accessory to have for gentlemen. Modern gentlemen need to invest in stylish messenger bags. They should be of good quality. It complements well with your great-looking attire.

#14 – Footwear

Footwear isn’t a true accessory. But it can be counted as one as it is an important part of your dressing. A gentleman always chooses his footwear wisely. Many people tend to notice the footwear when they are interested in a person. That’s why you need to be careful when buying or choosing one.

Classic Tools for Gentlemen

To make your style more classy and fashionable you need to get introduced to the additional accessories that are used as classic tools:

  • Braces: braces are used less at present. But they are still socially acceptable. You can stand out with it if you confidently embrace it. It is helpful to make you look skinnier. It also improves your posture if you wear it regularly.
  • Shirt collar stays: It keeps your shirt collar intact. It can be made from different materials like plastic, metal, bone, etc. Magnetic collar stays are also popular as it provides extra stiffness. Hooks or small buttons are also used for collar stays.
  • Shoehorn: It helps your foot to slide smoothly into your shoes. It can provide comfort to your feet as well as protect your shoes from damage.
  • Lapel pin: Lapel pins are used to hold the boutonniere for formal occasions. It can present your versatility. Place it properly on your lapel over the buttonhole.

Vintage Style for Gentlemen

You can do more to yourself if you want to dress up more differently while maintaining the gentleman look. Some vintage styles can be applied to get an old-school gentleman look. You might need to go for the accessories below to get a vintage-type gentleman look.

  • A Hat: Chivalrous gentleman doesn’t dress up without a hat. They need a hat for every occasion. While choosing a hat be careful to see if it is appropriate for the occasion or not.
  • Cape-tailed Waistcoats: Designer cape-tailed waistcoats are a must if you want to wear something vintage. You will find them popular for their style and practicality.
  • The Ever-present Pipe: It was a symbol of a gentleman in the early years. It has become less popular due to the awareness of cancer and some other diseases. But you might like to use something little more than a vape to stay healthy.
  • The Cigarette Lighter: The cigarette lighter was also a popular accessory for the gentlemen of the early days. Keeping a stylish cigarette lighter can give you a taste of vintage style.
  • The Mustache: The mustache can complement your vintage look. It was a symbol of a well-groomed gentleman in the early years.



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