10 Reasons To Get Australian Citizenship


For many, getting Australian citizenship approved is a dream come true. Though the application process may seem daunting, being an Australian citizen comes with so many significant privileges that it’s definitely worth the time and effort.

While there are a number of eligibility criteria an applicant needs to meet before being officially accepted as an Aussie, there are also two tests you will have to pass – the English proficiency test and the Australian Citizenship Test. While taking tests might sound difficult, it’s definitely possible to achieve success: In 2015-16, more than 133,000 eligible applicants from 190 nations got their citizenship application granted. 

If you’re an Australian permanent resident already, or a qualified New Zealander, and you love living in this country, you are in a good position to apply for Australian citizenship. Let’s look at the biggest advantages an Australian citizen can enjoy.

Top Reasons To Get Australian Citizenship

Get an Australian Passport

Australia is one of the most user-friendly countries to stay in and visit. When you hold Australian citizenship, you get the eligibility to apply and own an Australian passport as well. Owning an Australian passport comes has its own significance: you can travel around 171 countries without a visa or getting an on-arrival visa.

You can live in Australia Forever

Though eligible permanent residents can reside in the country, an inconvenience arises when they apply for a Resident Return Visa. Applying for a Resident Return Visa every 5 years is mandatory for a permanent resident to enter or depart Australia. Again, the status of the visa may vary based on the permission they hold. When you are an Australian citizen, you won’t face any trouble when you enter or exit the country. Moreover, when you hold citizenship certification, you get the eligibility to live in Australia forever!

Get Consular Assistance

Being a citizen of Australia also allows you to rely on consular assistance in most countries across the world. Don’t take this benefit for granted. What it means, is that if you face any trouble, like a serious injury, or a legal problem overseas, you can seek Australian consular assistance for help.

You’ll be Eligible to Vote

Every Australian citizen over the age of 18 has the power to take part in voting for elected representatives. It is in fact, a compulsory duty, and failing to vote without a valid reason may fine you $180!

Enter the Political Arena

Holding the citizenship certification lets you enter the political world and be selected as a federal or state MP in Australia. But to have this opportunity, you must first end the citizenship of the country you were born in.

 Join the Defence Force

Holding a citizenship certificate opens new and high-class job opportunities in the Federal Government arena. Of course, as a permanent resident, you can get recruited for many government jobs in Australia. But to join the Australian Defence Force, the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trades, and the Department of Immigration and Border Control, you must be a citizen first.

You Can Serve on a Jury

When you become eligible to vote, you can also be called to serve on a jury. With this privilege, you get the opportunity to take an active part in the criminal justice system of the country.

Get Eligibility for Help Loans

As an Australian citizen, you are eligible make use of help loans for higher education. Though higher education expenses in Australia are not as high as other countries, they can be prohibitive for some people. As citizens, you and your children can apply for the HECS-HELP loan program to enrol in higher education. This loan is only available to Australian citizens, and it’s offered by the Federal Government.

Your Children Get Citizenship Too

Another great benefit of being an Australian citizen is that no matter if your children are born outside or inside Australia, they are also deemed citizens of the country. Therefore they can enjoy all the same privileges that a child born inside Australia would enjoy.

Right to Move to New Zealand

As a certified Australian citizen, you can move to New Zealand anytime. Not only do you have permission to live in Australia forever, you also get the opportunity to live in New Zealand permanently also!


Eligibility to Apply

If you’re keen to apply for Australian citizenship, firstly make sure you are eligible to do so based on on the current legislation. The conditions you need to meet before applying are:

  • You must be an Australian permanent resident for one year and live in the country for a minimum of 9 out of 12 months before applying.
  • You must live in Australia while the Department of Home Affairs evaluates your application.
  • You must want to reside in Australia or secure a lasting link with the country when you are living overseas
  • You must have an excellent ethical character

If you are eligible and still have not applied, apply now and enjoy the excellent advantages.


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