8 Unmissable Things To See & Do In Perfect Prague


Prague is a city that seems to have magic running through its very veins. From tiny mazes of cobblestone streets to a castle region that appears to be straight from a Disney movie, Prague is every bit as beautiful as Paris and then some. With wickedly cheap exchange rates and a bustling shopping district (full of high street bargains and local treasures) there’s more reason than ever to ‘Czech out’ what this incredible city has to offer.

To whet you’re appetite, we’ve rounded up the very best things to do in Prague!


1. See Old Town Square

With colourful buildings, a rich history and a helping of local street performers, Old Town Square is a delight for the senses. Full of beautiful baroque architecture and stunning statues, Old Town Square is the perfect place to grab a coffee and take in the views.

Come back at night to see the Square and its churches, towers and buildings lit up to appreciate the true beauty of this incredible city.

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