8 Easy Tips To Decorate & Style Your Living Room

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Redecorating your living room breathes new life into the space, reflecting your personal style and creating a welcoming ambiance. In this guide, you’ll discover some tips and ideas to help you transform your living room into a beautiful and functional place you’ll love coming home to.

The living room is the best area of the home to relax, entertain guests, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. This is why the right atmosphere is key! Keep reading to learn more.

#1 – Define Your Style

The first step to decorating your living room is to identify your own style. Start by exploring different interior design styles and determining which of them resonates with your preferences and lifestyle.

As a rule of thumb, factor in colour schemes, furniture styles, and overall ambiance to identify your preferred aesthetic. You could look for inspiration from magazines, online platforms like Pinterest, interior design blogs and instagram to help solidify your vision. Once you define your style, you’re ready to start making the right tweaks and additions.

#2 – Select the Right Furniture

To create the ultimate living room space you also need the right furniture! Start by measuring the area to ensure furniture pieces fit comfortably without overcrowding.

It’s also best to invest in quality furniture that balances style and comfort, considering factors such as durability and functionality. Choose a cohesive furniture arrangement that promotes conversation and flow within the room, considering the focal point, seating options, and traffic patterns.

#3 – Pick The Right Colour Palette

You should choose a colour palette that sets the mood and complements your overall style. Ideally, use neutral colours as a foundation and introduce pops of colour through accessories and accent pieces. You could also experiment with different wall treatments, such as paint, wallpaper, or abstract art.

You can go for beach and coastal themed abstract art prints from Inomaly Art to help accentuate the colour theme you use for your living room. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colours or subtle and minimalist compositions, abstract art prints offer a wide range of options to suit your taste and style to your living room.

#4 – Think Lighting and Ambiance

The right lighting brings your living room to life. If possible, let in as much natural lighting as you can. You can maximise it by using sheer curtains or blinds that allow ample sunlight to filter into the room.

You can also add lighting sources, including overhead lights, floor lamps, table lamps, and accent lighting, to create layered and adjustable illumination. It would also help to install dimmer switches to control the intensity of lighting and create different atmospheres for different occasions.

livoing room ideas

#5 – Create Focal Points

Focal points in your living room are important as they inspire the overall design direction and incorporate complementary elements around them. Identify a focal point in your living room, such as a fireplace, a large window, or an eye-catching piece of artwork. Once you find a suitable spot, arrange furniture and accessories around the focal point to draw attention and create a cohesive and visually pleasing layout.

#6 – Add Textures and Patterns

Another trick professionals use when decorating living rooms is to introduce textures and patterns through rugs, pillows, curtains, and upholstery that add depth and visual interest.

You can do this by mixing different textures, such as linen, leather, and wool for a tactile experience. However, never give in to temptation and go overboard. Instead, try to balance the use of patterns by incorporating a mix of small and large-scale prints to create a harmonious and visually appealing space.

#7 – Add Accessories and a Personal Touch

Last but not least, make sure to display accessories that reflect your personality and interests, such as artwork, photographs, or sentimental objects. Use these decorative items to enhance the overall design, but take care to not clutter the space. You could also incorporate greenery and plants to bring life, freshness, and a sense of tranquility to your living room.

#8 – Use Creative Storage Solutions

If you want to keep hold of personal items but don’t want to run the risk of cluttering your living space, optimise storage by selecting furniture pieces with built-in storage compartments, such as coffee tables with drawers or ottomans with hidden storage.

Also make use of shelving units, bookcases, or wall-mounted shelves to display books, decorative items, and collectibles. You could also utilise decorative baskets, boxes, or storage bins to keep everyday items organised and out of sight.


Decorating and updating the styling of your living room will help you create a space that reflects your personality and meets your everyday needs. Using these tips and ideas will help transform your living room into a visually stunning and inviting space that you and your guests will enjoy spending time in. With a little bit of creativity you can easily turn a dull living room space into a stylish space you and your guests will love!

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