6 Practical Tips To Help You Buy The Perfect Leather Jacket

how to buy the perfect leather jacket

Many of us know already that the leather jacket is one of the key pieces for effortlessly cool guy and girl style. No other piece of clothing can amp up your style quotient and make you look smouldering hot, yet nonchalant and carefree at the same time.

If you’re shopping for a new leather jacket, you’ll soon discover that not all leather jackets are created equal. The key to getting the perfect looking leather jacket comes down to understanding a few important differences and details.

Read on for some practical tips to help you select the perfect leather jacket for you.

how to buy a leather jacket

#1 – The Fit

First things first. How the jacket fits you is the first major factor to be considered when buying a Leather Jacket. Because let’s face it, a leather jacket is expensive and supposed to last a lifetime. The fit is what sets your look apart and it’s a thin line that can make or break an entire outfit.

For instance, go for jackets with armholes that are placed higher on the jacket to give easy arm movement, and the shoulder seam placement must be just right for great fitting. The sleeve length must end just at the wrist and not extend further.

#2 – The Style

Clearly, leather jackets come in many styles. There’s the classic biker look, often enhanced with studs and metal details, the Bomber style leather jacket, oversized 70s and 80s vintage styles, blazer leather jackets, and even hooded ones.

Though a biker jacket will always look amazing, and it definitely gives off the most amount of “cool”, you might want to ask yourself whether you really need a biker’s jacket for a Sunday stroll outdoors.. Get a style that matches your main requirement – after all, a leather jacket is going to be a long-lasting piece of your wardrobe.

#3 – The Quality

Cheaply made leather jackets look synthetic, and most likely the skin used will be chemically processed. These kinds of leathers develop cracks early on and become unusable in a short space of time. The quality of the fitting is also often overlooked in low-quality jackets. It’s recommended to go for good quality leather and paying a little more for a high-quality jacket if you want an investment piece for the long run.

#4 – The Lining

The type of material used for lining the body and sleeve will have an impact on the level of comfort when you wear the jacket. Synthetic lining tends to make us uncomfortable and hot inside the jacket, so go for linings made of natural, breathable material instead. One more thing to look out for is a separate lining for the sleeves and the body.

#5 – Colour and type of leather

Black and tan are the two classic colours for leather pieces, and they never go out of style. That’s not to say you can’t get more adventurous for your second or third leather jacket by getting one in another colour. For leather type, sheepskin, lambskin, and cowskin are just some of the many options you will come across when you are looking to buy a leather jacket. Lambskin is the most preferred of the lot, given that its soft, supple, and lightweight.

#6 – The Details

For overall impact, it is all about the details. The quality of the outer stitching and the thread say a lot about the quality of the craftsmanship and the durability. The metal fixtures such as press studs and zippers must be high-quality and rustproof, with the zippers also needing to be strong and slide along easily.

No matter what leather jacket style you are after, whether it’s a classic biker or a bomber, check out the great range at Sculpt.

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