The Five Breakfast Habits You Need To Break Up With Immediately

Ah, breakfast! The backbone of every day, a meal so beloved that it can be eaten twice without complaint, but still taken for granted by the best of us. As we gear up for a fantastic summer ahead, it only makes sense to re-engineer our habits to help us reach our goals – whether that’s more productivity at work, a better handle on our moods, or a body ready and raring for summer activities.

What better way to approach these targets than by doing away with any self-sabotaging habits that have crept into the first part of our day.

Keep reading to learn the 5 breakfast habits you need to ditch for good!

Credit: @photosby.mmm

#1- But first, coffee.

It doesn’t matter if you’re springing for a marked-up latte or saving money brewing at home – if your only morning fuel is a cup of coffee, you’re not only undoing all the work that expensive serum put in last night, but likely harming your stomach lining! 

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