How To Host the Perfect Event Without a Meltdown

We all know her – the elegant hostess who glides through the gathered throng of party guests, coolly smiling, chatting and socialising with her enchanted guests. She seems to be free from the cares of the kitchen, able to fully concentrate on the delight of entertaining.

By contrast, why do we often feel so stressed and harried by the pressures of throwing a successful party?! Early arriving guests, the drunk and disorderly, food that refuses to thaw or cook, cold food that’s too hot, hot food that’s too cold, and the ever present threat of your much hyped soiree turning out to be terminally dull – ah, the joys of entertaining!

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to ensure your next party turns into a hit rather than a miss

#1 – Roll out the red carpet treatment

Everyone wants to feel special – party-goers especially so. The welcome you give them on arrival to your event will set the scene and mood for what is to come, so treating each one as an honoured guest will set your party off on the right foot.

Short of actually laying out the red carpet, you could also consider the fun of welcoming guests with a photo booth to commemorate the occasion. Sydney photo booth hire, is surprising simple and affordable and will create a lasting impression and give them a memento to treasure from the evening.

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