5 Pros And Cons of Living In A Tiny Apartment

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If you’re looking to buy or rent an apartment in any major city, you’ll likely come across some tiny apartment listings. But are these homes ideal for modern living? Here’s the pros and cons you need to consider!

#1 – Tiny homes are easy to personalise

Tiny apartments are usually 25-50 square meters. Whilst this may feel cramped to some, it also means you can personalise the space without breaking the bank. It also means you can get creative with how to implement large furniture items, such as beds. If you have a tight budget, you can invest in the best murphy beds, which can easily be hinged at one end to store vertically against a wall or inside a wardrobe. This will help create more space that you can decorate and enjoy.

On the downside, when decorating a tiny space, caution is needed not to overcrowd and clutter the area. Use minimal decoration materials and stick to a consistent colour palette.

#2 – Tiny homes are more affordable and easy to get

If you have a limited budget and want to relocate to the city, whether for studies, career advancement, adventure, or a new start, you may find it easier to settle in a big city if you land into a tiny apartment. These small spaces are more affordable and available, meaning you can begin to put down roots without too much financial stress.

While these apartments are easier to come by, you may feel they lack privacy due to the close proximity to neighbours and less insulation between walls and in common areas for instance.

#3 – Social Communities

People who like socialising will have a great time living in tiny apartments. That’s because most of these buildings have built-in communal spaces like social areas, communal kitchens, and small offices. Such spaces create opportunities for people to meet and create a sense of community and connection. It also encourages residents to build relationships.

However, those living in these spaces won’t be hosting any private gatherings in their houses any time soon. So for anyone who like to keep things behind closed doors, away from prying eyes of neighbours, this won’t be an option.

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#4 – Sustainable Living

Everyone should aim at protecting the ecosystem and preserving natural resources. One way people can protect the ecosystem is by choosing tiny apartments because these housing solutions have reduced the environmental footprint. It is an excellent space for those seeking to simplify and downsize their lives and make sustainable living without compromising on luxury and comfort.

Although reducing space has its benefits, some people who live in tiny homes struggle with handling daily tasks. For example, because these homes have small storage and counter spaces, you really need to live in a minimalistic way and drastically reduce your purchases. However, there are many creative ways to manage the issues that come with small spaces.

#5 – Minimal Cleaning

When living in tiny apartments, cluttering the space is not an option. Additionally, these houses come with an open floor plan, fewer items, and smaller surfaces, which means that it will take a short time to clean the space. Therefore, those living in tiny spaces save time and resources such as water since they do not need much to keep their home clean.

However, since the space is small, those who do not clean it are likely to get pest infestation, which can be challenging to control. Living in a dirty space can also hurt their health and well-being. Therefore, you need to ensure your tiny home is always clean.

While there are many benefits of living in tiny homes, people need to be ready to downsize their possessions and make smart choices on a daily basis.

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