4 Things Every Couple Should Do Before Getting Married

When you and your better half decide to walk down the aisle, it might feel like a swift free-fall toward the big day. It’s easy to let every single interaction with your partner revolve around wedding decisions and details.

However, whether your big day is years or months away, it’s essential to take the time to plan for not only a fantastic wedding, but prepare for a happy and lasting marriage.

To strengthen and deepen your bond, and make your marriage as less problematic as possible, here are four critical things marriage experts recommend couples do before their wedding.

#1 – Have The Money Talk

You might think that talking about money is awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s a necessity when two people come together permanently in the modern era.

Sure, talking about finances is not easy or fun, but t’s important that you both agree on topics surrounding money before you commit to getting further emotionally and financially intertwined.

For example, discuss (and agree) on how you will divide living costs, fund your lifestyle, and plan for retirement. Get the process started  by asking yourself these types of important questions, then talk to your partner to get their thoughts on the matter.

You should discuss whether you’re both ready to take out a home loan to buy your first place together, or perhaps look at alternative funding options like RMBS investments if you have any business projects in the pipeline. Learn the pros and cons of RMBS together before embarking on any big decisions.

#2 – Talk About Children

The conversation about children is as essential as talking about finances, and the two are inextricably linked. You will both need to share the same ideals for whether to start a family – or not. And if so, you’ll need to have a common ground about the timeline for starting a family and how many kids you both want.

Having kids is a huge commitment, financially and personally, and at times, it can change the relationship between you and your partner. As a result, some may be sceptical about having kids.

Oftentimes, couples marry thinking that they can change the other person’s mind about kids. However, this rarely ends well. To prevent upset and disruption down the track, it’s essential to talk with your partner and agree on the topic of children and family before getting  married.

#3 – Know Each Other’s Values

Long before you decide on committing to spend the rest of your lives together, it’s critical to understand your partner’s beliefs and values such as family dynamics, religion, and politics.

While it’s common for couples to disagree on some topics, bear in mind that you will have to respect each other’s opinions and live with any differences for many years to come. So ideally, before getting married, determine if any of your partner’s view points are deal breakers for you.

However, if you find yourselves disagreeing in one area, understand that depending on the nature of the belief, the relationship can still work. Talk through the issue and decide how you’ll both resolve any problems before they arise.

Truth be told, for significant differences of opinion, you might find that you may be best off deciding to not venture towards marriage altogether.

#4 – Live Together

Many couples worldwide cohabit, and for a good reason – not only does living together before marriage save money, it is the best way to understand your compatibility (or lack of!) with each other before things get too serious. It is vital to learn the bad, the good, and the plain ugly about your significant other.

Living together will let you get to know their daily routine and any weird habits, ensuring that you are domestically compatible. If you cannot live together before marriage due to different locations or religious reasons, aim to spend at least as much time together in a home environment as possible.

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