4 Most Popular Flowers For Weddings Today

most popular flowers for weddings
Whether artfully arranged within the bride’s bouquet, lavished upon tables in extravagant tablescapes, or simply placed in the lapel of the groomsmen, flowers are a staple ingredient at just about every wedding reception. They signify love and luxury, but they can simply give your special day a little natural appeal and beauty.

But let’s face it, flowers are a beautiful addition to ANY celebration that you want to take to the next level. They not only look incredible, they can fill an area with a delicious scent. Everyone loves to see and receive flowers, and they are perennially popular at birthdays, baby showers, and especially weddings.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for which flowers to go for at your wedding, read on for 4 of the most beautiful types today, and learn why they are so popular.

most popular flowers for weddings orchids

#1 – Orchids

In the past, orchids were so frequently used as wedding flowers that the trends turned against them and they fell out of favour for a while. But these stunning specimens are back, and orchids as wedding flowers are proving popular once again. Orchids come in many trending pastel shades and other stunning colours that give a modern take to this otherwise classic wedding flower.

Orchids look beautiful, and offer a sort of uniqueness that you don’t get from many other wedding flowers. Their variety of colours make them a perfect choice for a variety of different wedding celebrations. They offer striking beauty and always look luxe.

most popular flowers for weddings ro

#2 – Roses

Different flowers have different meanings and they all symbolise different things. With red roses symbolising love, it should come as no surprise that they are popular at weddings. In fact, it’s common to see all different colours of roses at weddings everywhere. These classic flowers are beautiful and always associated with the emotion, so it’s impossible to see one without getting a little romantic! 

Roses are also very versatile. Some of the larger, “fluffier” ones are great as the highlight and feature of a bouquet, while smaller ones are perfect clustered together as centerpieces or as part of a smaller bouquet. Roses are incredibly popular, and because of this they are generally available year-round at affordable prices – why not buy from our flower shop online?

most popular flowers for weddings pe

#3 – Peonies

It would have been hard to miss the massive Peony trend of recent years. In addition to filling the pages of Pinterest and Instagram, they fill the bouquets of brides everywhere – this highly coveted flower has a bright, strong scent. And because of just how ‘full’ they are, they are command attention wherever they displayed. Their ruffled petals are the perfect inclusion in any wedding bouquet, and they come in a range of aesthetically-pleasing colours.

A downside to Peonies is that they can be hard to find in some areas at certain times of the year, and they can be quite expensive. If you decide to go with these, you will want to choose where they are used quite carefully. If every table has a centerpiece with peonies, it can be quite an expensive wedding!

If you want the best of both worlds, consider mixing in a peony or two with other more affordable blooms to create gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces that don’t break the bank.

most popular flowers for weddings dahlias

#4 – Dahlias

Dahlias, and their impressive size, are a common and popular choice as far as wedding flowers go. While they do come in smaller sizes, it’s the larger varieties that are preferred for special occasions as they are incredibly eye-catching and beautiful.

Dahlias make a great flower to use as a hair accessory, which is another popular wedding trend.  They come in many colours and compliment many other flowers. In short, these beauties allow for a lot of creativity when it comes to creating bouquets and they are thought to have a lot of charm. 

However, allergy sufferers take note, these flowers are also one of the worst for people with allergies, so be very careful to ensure no one has pollen allergies, and definitely opt for another flower if they do. 

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