BWA’s Online Shopping Picks Of The Week: Statement Bags

People often say they are either a bag girl or a shoe girl. Sadly, for my bank account and fiance, I am both. I believe in the power of a statement bag to really make your outfit. A statement bag is like a piece of wearable art that has a practical purpose…what’s not to love!

They are the perfect final accessory to any outfit, and in fact can often tie a whole look together, much like eggs in a cake.

My rule of thumb with bags is if you are going to spend your entire paycheck on one (as I do once a year) make it something that will stand the test of time.

If you are after trend based bags, remember that fluro and leopard print won’t be in fashion forever so make those pieces in your wardrobe seasonal and invest in pieces you can one day pass down to your children.

Options for me, are instrumental. Different colourways to match different outfits, prints, classic black, interesting hardware…there is honestly so much to consider.

Luckily for you, I have compiled some of my favourite bags from the interwebs this week for you all to ogle…all under $150!


Top row, left to right: Topshop Winged Zip Back Detail $67.71 at, Mango Patent Tote Bag $32.31 at, Korean Foursquared Baby Blue bag $114.00 at

Bottom row, left to right: Atmos and Here Bag $49.00 at, Thorsis Studded Handbag $57.00 at, Olga Berg Metallic Shimmer Handbag $49.00 at

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