The Most Beautiful Bridal Hair Trends For 2014/2015

Once you’ve sorted the dress, the next item on your wedding-planning agenda will undoubtedly be picking the perfect bridal hairstyle. How you choose to style your hair can dramatically influence your entire bridal look. So, it’s important to consider the neckline and style of your dress when thinking about your hair, as well as the climate and location of the event (loose waves and strong winds are not a great mix!) To help you get your bridal hairstyle sorted we’ve put together our top picks of bridal hair trends for the 2014/2015 season.

Classic Chignon

The classic chignon has always been a favourite amongst brides for its timeless appeal. However in 2014 and beyond, this elegant style is being reworked to suit a range of wedding themes and bridal styles. Simple, naturally styled high chignons with a few loose strands are ideal for a contemporary fuss free bride. Providing a touch of modern romance, high chignons are fast becoming as popular as their classic low counterparts. This year chignons are also being paired with beautiful braids for a more refined bohemian look. The beauty of this style is that it can be tailored to suit anything from a relaxed garden wedding to a lavish cocktail affair. Adding texture to your chignon with loose wavy strands can easily transform this style as can the addition of a head band or clip. Chic top knots are also becoming an increasingly popular bridal style, due to the fresh and youthful vibe they provide the modern bride. A sleek and simple chignon can let your dress shine, while one that is more complex and extravagant can be a feature onto itself.

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Braided Beauties

By far the hottest hair style of 2014 is that of the humble braid. Brides everywhere are incorporating this striking feature into their luscious manes.  No longer left just to the boho bride, braids are finding their way into sleek up-dos paired with elaborate ball gowns.  Braids have an uncanny ability to suggest that you are a carefree bride who had this style just thrown together. Even the most intricate and time consuming of braids still manage to suggest a relaxed nature.  There are a range of ways to include braids in your hair but a few of the most popular include; pairing a crown braid with long loose waves, a crown  braided up-do and a side braid with either naturally styled flowing hair, a low loose ponytail or a low chignon. A personal favourite would have to be the striking side fishtail braid or a loose tousled plait worn to the side. This effortlessly chic style is ideal for a bride who is after a simple yet effective style. While braids are a major trend in 2014, their longevity as a go-to hairstyle ensures you will always look back on your wedding photos fondly. If you like the idea of a braid but want something slightly more refined, opt for a twisted up-do consisting of a sleek middle part with front sections twisted and pinned behind your hear teamed with a low chignon.

Sleek Styles

More brides are opting for a sleek, minimalistic hair style to ensure their dress and natural beauty truly shines. Depending on the style, sleek hair is perfect for the fashion forward bride. While brides who don’t normally sport elaborate hair styles will also be fond of this slick look. It is important that when choosing a bridal hairstyle you don’t stray too far from how you normally wear your hair (as you still need to feel comfortable and look recognisable!) Brides who opt for a more natural style and like their hair worn straight will especially love this simple look. One of the most prominent ways to pull off this style is to wear a low ponytail with a defined centre part.  Those with shorter hair can also wear a feminine and sleek style by slicking their hair back and tucking it behind their ears.

True Romance


Beautiful, soft waves that fall naturally around your face are perfect for brides who love everything romance. The free flowing movement that comes with a wavy style conjures up visions of effortless beauty especially when paired with a bold floral crown. In 2014 floral crowns are the number one alternative to veils. They come in a range of designs from bold, bright oversized flowers to charming pastels and all white delicate flowers. Floral crowns are especially perfect for outdoor garden or beach ceremonies. Brides who prefer to wear their hair down can rejoice as dreamy waves suit a range of wedding dress silhouettes. For those not committed to wearing their hair in a restrictive up-do, but still want some added detail half up styles are the way to go. Half up hairstyles have always been a bridal favourite as they can be tweaked to scream utter bombshell or whimsical princess. Depending on your personality and style you can amp the drama of a half up hair style with loads of volume or keep it neat, plain and simple.

Ultra Glam

Glamorous brides looking to make a statement with their hair are opting for deep side parts. This distinct style can be interpreted in many ways but the style always makes an impact. A deep side part paired with sculpted finger waves offers a bride guaranteed va-va-voom. Channelling the 1920s, this old Hollywood do is perfect for short and long hair. Brides captivated by the Gatsby wedding theme are sure to adore this alluring style. For a softer more natural effect, loose flowing messy hair works perfectly with a deep side part. If you’d still like to wear your hair up but are particularly captivated by a deep side part opt for a sleek ponytail at the nape of the neck with a dramatic side swept style. The deep side part works particularly well for brides with or without a fringe.

What is your favourite look for wedding day hair? Do you prefer a structured up-do, a flowing romantic look, or something else entirely? Tell us in the comments below!

About the Author: Kristi Charter is an experienced freelance writer with a breadth of knowledge across an array of subjects. Captivated by the wedding industry, Kristi is currently the Content and Social Media Coordinator at Giant Invitations.


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