Why Good Branding Starts With Good Packaging

custom brand packaging

Whether you’re a store selling exotic tea blends or customised jewellery, your packaging is the first thing your customers will touch once they receive their orders.

First impressions are everything, and therefore, if you’re a retailer looking to make a mark, it’s incredibly important to pay attention to your packaging. Inadequate packaging leaves a sour taste and takes away the joy your customers feel when they receive their orders. Moreover, bad packaging indicates a lack of concern for customer satisfaction and passion for what you are doing.

However, packaging doesn’t have to be overly dramatic or exaggerated. By mindfully designing the layout and print, you can ensure easy shipping using an Australia Post medium satchel while impressing your customers in one go. 

Here are some benefits of using high-quality packaging

custom branding packaging

#1 – It adds to the aesthetics

From placing an order to finally receiving the package, your customer is always excited and thrilled to open the package. A boring and bland package can put a dent in the experience even when your products are of the highest quality.

For instance, you can spice things up by doing something as simple as printing the package with prints that are relevant to what your brand deals with.

For instance, a brand dealing with exotic tea blends can print tea leaves, cups, saucers, teapots, tea cakes etc on their packaging. This draws relevance to your products while making the packaging seem interesting.

#2 – It makes your packing seem customised

Personalisation in today’s time has become an effective way to make your customers feel valued and keep the element of surprise intact. Additionally, customised packaging gives a brand the opportunity to build brand trust, inform its customers about what makes its products unique and create a favourable impression about its range of products.

You can also consider adding a thank you note or give your customers the option to write a customised message in case the order placed is for gifting purposes. 

#3 – Good packages are often reused

Single-use plastics are a huge problem as they are difficult to recycle and can continue polluting our environment for hundreds of years. With sustainability being a long-term goal, it is essential that your packaging contributes to the benefit of the cause.

Packages with impressive presentations are often kept aside for future uses, reducing the waste produced. Making an effort to make your brand’s packing sustainable is a great way to align yourself with how today’s shoppers think. 

#4 – It makes you different

Packaging is an effective way to build brand awareness and market your brand. Custom packaging creates an opportunity for your brand to showcase its identity, the values it runs on and its personality in a way that easily grabs attention and is easy to remember.

The key to achieving this is to choose colours that match the range of products you are selling, an easy-to-remember logo and a brand name that rings a bell. Your brand’s packaging is a part of the visual representation of what your brand is all about. It also helps your brand stand out from the crowd. 

#5 – It protects the product

No one wants to open their packages feeling excited, only to get disappointed by finding damaged products. While your packaging should be customised to reflect what your brand is all about, it also should be sturdy enough to withstand the turbulences experienced during transportation.

The packaging also protects the products from the elements, ensuring they reach their destination in pristine condition. However, to ensure that your products are safe while in transit, you can use fillers, including bubble wraps, packing peanuts, air pillows, crumbled paper, custom tissue paper and honeycomb board.

Final thoughts

Packaging is often an aspect that many product-based businesses rush or compromise on. While their primary purpose is to protect the product during transportation, customising your packaging gives you the opportunity to market your business beyond the horizon. 

It enables you to visually communicate what your brand stands for using colours, designs and textures. By choosing sustainable packaging options, you get to delight your customers while saving the environment. Remember, your packaging should deliver a happy experience every time.

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