What To Do When: Someone Hits Your Parked Car 

accident insurance provider
If another driver has caused damage to your car without stopping to alert you or to leave a note, an insurance claims management provider may be able to help you navigate the process of repairing your vehicle without footing the bill. Curious? Keep reading to learn more.

As the victim of a hit-and-run you’ll certainly feel frustration and most likely, anger. When another driver hits and damages a parked car, many people will simply accept the damage and pay the repair bills themselves. However, this doesn’t have to be the case!

How to deal with a hit-and-run on a parked vehicle

accident insurance provider

If the damage on your car is significant, the first thing you should do is to ensure no further damage can be caused. Shut off the engine, if you haven’t done so already, and avoid moving the vehicle if there is potential engine damage. If you can’t move the vehicle and it is severely damaged, you may need to ring a towing company. 

In all cases, if another motorist hits and damages your vehicle, you should gather as much evidence and information as possible right away. This will support you when making an insurance claim.

If you know the registration number or name of the driver, this will of course be very useful for the investigation. Police will be able to use this information to locate the driver and it’ll let you get in touch with their insurance company to claim compensation. 

While gathering information, it’s also really important that you contact the authorities – altering the police to a hit-and-run is vital in ensuring that the matter is dealt with effectively. The police will gather further evidence, particularly if they need to speak with any witnesses, thus helping them to identify the person responsible for the damage. 

Support from an Accident Management Company

To deal with the damage caused to your vehicle, you’ll need to contact your accident management provider, who will help you locate an available vehicle repairs centre. Their expert teams will guide you through the process and ensure any insurance claims you wish to make are dealt with. This will include dealing with the other driver’s insurance company, if you were able to identify them.

While your car is repaired and out of action, you’ll be provided with a loan car. For incidents like a hit-and-run, where you are not at fault for the damage caused, you won’t have to pay any excess. So, if you’re looking for a less stressful claims process, it’s worth joining an accident management company who can give you the peace of mind.

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