Understanding Removalist Services Inside Out

removalist jargon when you move house

Understanding the jargon associated with removalist services can sometimes feel like deciphering a complex foreign language. Keep reading to learn more about the terminology used in the this industry so you can comprehend and select the right services next time you move!

Moving to a new location can be an exhilarating journey, but it also entails the daunting task of packing up and transporting all your belongings. Many people opt for professional removalist services to alleviate the stress and guarantee a smooth transition. However, you may find some of the jargon and lingo these services use confusing. If you would like to understand the key terms in preparation for your next move, keep reading for everything you need to know.

#1 – Pre Move Consultation

Reputable removalist companies provide moving house consultations prior to commencing your move. This service involves a representative from the company visiting your home to assess your requirements and provide a cost estimate. During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss any items that require special care, address concerns regarding fragile or valuable possessions, and customise the moving plan according to your specific preferences.

#2 – Packing Services

An essential offering by many removalists is packing assistance. Skilled packers will meticulously pack your possessions using top-quality packaging materials in order to ensure their safety during transportation. If you need assistance with items like glassware or large pieces of furniture that need to be taken apart, professional packers possess the necessary expertise and tools for efficient packing.

#3 – Furniture Protection

When it comes to safeguarding your furniture during a move, experts in the domain will utilise techniques such as wrapping items in blankets or using shrink wrap for added protection against scratches or dents. Additionally, some companies may also employ methods like bubble wrapping scratch-prone surfaces or utilising corner protectors for extra care.

#4 – Transportation

Once everything has been securely packed away, movers will load all your belongings onto their well-maintained trucks or vans that are specifically designed for transportation. They employ specialised loading techniques and machinery such as dollies or ramps to carefully load furniture and appliances. During the transportation process, moving companies take every precaution to secure your items and minimise the risk of damage.

#5 – Placement

Upon arrival at your home, the movers will conscientiously place your belongings in specific spots according to your instructions. They make sure that each item is placed in its designated room or area, sparing you the task of having to move heavy furniture or boxes later on. Professional movers also offer assistance with furniture assembly if needed, allowing you to settle comfortably into your space.

#6 – Storage Solutions

Sometimes, there are situations where you might need storage solutions for a longer duration. Many moving companies provide storage facilities that come with climate control systems to protect your belongings from temperature changes and humidity. These facilities are perfect for those who need storage space during home renovations or downsizing.

#7 – Insurance Coverage

Even though professional movers take all precautions to ensure the transportation of your belongings, accidents can still occur. Trustworthy companies offer insurance options to give you peace of mind throughout the moving process. It’s important to understand the various levels of coverage available and select one that adequately safeguards your possessions against loss or damage.

#8 – Additional Services

Apart from the services mentioned above, some moving companies also offer additional services that can make your move even smoother. These could include assistance with unpacking at your place, providing packing supplies like boxes and tape, or even helping you arrange utility connections in your home. Exploring these services can simplify the relocation process significantly.


Having a grasp of the terminology used in moving services enables you to make informed decisions when selecting a company for your move. By becoming acquainted with these phrases and services provided by movers, you can feel more assured in relying on them to transport your valuable possessions securely to their intended location. Keep in mind that having an understanding of these aspects plays a key role in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free moving process.

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