Types of Hemp Creams That Are Good for Your Skin

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While some predicted that hemp-derived CBD products were just a craze, it turns out that they’re here to stay. Since their introduction into the mainstream spotlight, manufacturers have included hemp-derived CBD in a variety of day-to-day products.

Although many people may be familiar with drops or tinctures, CBD is a versatile compound that manufacturers are using in edibles such as thc gummy squares, capsules, sprays, and even creams. Creams are obviously an already excellent way to hydrate, moisturise and rejuvenate skin, so when it comes to bringing the benefits of CBD into a cream, hemp topicals fit the bill. These creams will help you get a boost of CBD without the fuss. 

Companies such as Premium Jane are paving the way for quality hemp-based topicals that give people the hydration they want along with a dose of top-notch CBD. In this article, we’ll go over what types of hemp topicals to buy, the convenience factors, and where to buy them. 

But first – what is hemp?

Hemp is a naturally occurring plant that produces CBD or cannabidiol. While it shares some traits with the conventional marijuana plant, there is one significant difference. The hemp plant however, typically contains little to no tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. (THC is the substance in marijuana that can cause intoxicating effects such as paranoia, dizziness, impaired memory, dry mouth, and red eyes.)

Therefore, products derived from hemp contain only minimal or negligible amounts of THC. And although THC may not be present, CBD occurs in hemp, thus providing a great alternative to a high THC product. 

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Why Use Hemp Cream?

Many people say that CBD derived from hemp gives them a great sense of relaxation, reduces stress, and releases tension. It’s noted that people suffering from certain health conditions find that decreased stress levels have the knock-on effect of diminishing pain and pushing away aches. Some use CBD to address symptoms of inflammation and irritation. You can check out TheCBDinsider.com for a range of other information and benefits.

While CBD manufacturers infuse this compound into a variety of products, creams and topicals are increasingly popular as they are  convenient and super easy to use. 

Another main advantage of hemp cream is its versatility. Those who swear by the benefits of CBD can apply it on the legs, arms, back, and other areas. 

Lastly, companies like Premium Jane infuse their products with a variety of other beneficial oils and emollients. The result is a product that packs a hydrating punch, which can alleviate dryness, encourage pain relief and increase suppleness. 

Types of Hemp Cream

Hemp creams aren’t just one and done. Luckily, there is a wide variety to choose from. Some creams are formulated for a denser, more nutrient-heavy application suitable for those suffering from rough skin and inflammation, whereas others may prefer a light finish that soothes without weighing skin down.

There are several types of hemp topicals, and this includes lotions, balms, ointments, and salves. Salves infused with hemp often combine emollients, fragrances, and extracts along with a waxy base. The use of emollients such as oils helps to bind the ingredients together. The result is a smooth concoction that helps nourish skin, ward away dryness, and increase moisture. 

Finding Quality

While there are lots of hemp-based products on the market, it’s important to get the best quality you can find. Sites such as Premium Jane stand by the integrity of what they sell. When looking for the best hemp creams, search out those that:

Only Use Industrial Hemp – brands such as Premium Jane use industrial hemp in all of their products. This ensures the product not only has a high CBD and low THC, but it’s non-intoxicating. It also boasts a suite of other phyto-elements, including cannabinoids that may be helpful for skin recovery. 

Manufacture with American-grown Hemp – American-grown hemp must meet strict regulations and standards. Companies that craft their premium items using American-grown hemp enjoy the perks of a well-constructed product, and their hemp-based items may have higher levels of essential compounds. Other benefits include no harmful pesticides or chemicals during the growing process.

Use Gentle Extraction Methods – Not only is the growth process critical to the level of quality, but also the extraction method. Premium Jane employs the CO2 approach, which doesn’t use solvents or chemicals. This technique is valuable in separating hemp from plants. 

Final Thoughts

Hemp topicals such as salves can function as a great way to combat dryness. Hemp fans also contend that they can soothe minor irritations, calm reddened or painful skin and increase suppleness. Consumers that are looking for a hemp-based skin treatment should invest in quality hemp topicals by using the tips and tricks we’ve outlined above.

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