Top Ten Beauty Dupes For Elusive Cult Beauty Items


Here in Australia, we often struggle to get our hands on the beauty products that make our American cousins swoon. While Mecca Maxima saved us from beauty purgatory, and Sephora’s launch gave us a new lease on life, there are still a number of lip sticks, palettes and mascaras which prove too elusive or too expensive for us to get our hands on.

Anyone who has ever woken up at 4:00am and spent hours refreshing the page for Kylie Cosmetics, or searched every Sephora in the state hunting for an Anastasia Beverley Hills contour palette, or spent a small fortune on shipping from the US, will know our pain.

So we’ve found perfect alternatives for all your favourite products, all local, cheap and amazing.

Read on to discover the flawless dupes for all of your favourite beauty products now…


#1 Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in ‘Exposed’ vs NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘London’

Since Kylie Jenner created what she calls “the perfect nude” and modelled it on her luscious lips, we’ve all been desperate to imitate her plump pout. NYX may be another US brand, but they’re available in Priceline, and why spend $60 to buy and ship a lip kit, when you could nip down to the chemist for just $12.95?

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