Top 7 Botanical Gardens To Visit All Around The World

botanical gardens around the world

Flora and fauna has been loved by humanity since the beginning of time.  And our love of botanical gardens is not far behind. Botanical gardens are a place where plants are grown for the public and for the purpose of studying the plants. If you’re looking for some inspiration of which gardens to see on your next global adventure, here are some of the best botanical gardens in the world.

#1 – The Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney (Australia)

This garden measures a grand 74 acres forming an amphi theater which surrounds Farm Cove. It is then divided into four sections commonly known as the middle gardens, the lower gardens, the Bennelong precinct and lastly, the palace gardens.

The major sections also have smaller sections within themselves hosting different types of flora and fauna in them. This beautiful garden was opened in 1816. It is a part of science as it happens to be one of the oldest scientific institutions of botanical gardens. Historically speaking, it is the oldest garden in the country.

#2 – The Brooklyn Botanic Garden USA.

This beautiful garden offers luscious greenery seems to all those present. It was built in 1910 and still stands today. The garden has done well over time and receives over 900 000 guests annually. It boasts of more than 200 cherry trees and possess a wide range of various plants.

#3 – Botanischer Garten Munich

Here you get to kill two birds with one stone. Travel to the powerhouse that is Germany experience the wonderful culture and visit a beautiful garden as well. This garden was established in 1809 and it is home to over 14,000 species of plants. It sits on 18 hectares of land and serves to educate the public as it contains rare plants and the rare European bee species that scientists have been studying for years.

This wonderful garden has the largest greenhouse called the Great Pavilion which is home to giant bamboos. There is a wonderful greenhouse which exhibits over 2,700 orchids as well as over 270 genera. Hurry on to Germany and start exploring the wonderful garden.

#4 – Jardine Botanique de Montreal

This garden was found in 1931 and puts to advantage the indoors and outdoors spaces thus giving visitors an all-year-round experience in the gardens. There is a 30 themed garden which is absolutely best to visit in the warmer months. It boasts of the Japanese garden which is home to bonsai and some incredible water features, it also possesses the largest Chinese Garden outside of Asia as well as a First Nation Garden that Focuses on the cultivation of North American crops.

#5 – Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden (South Africa)

The Kirstenbosch botanical garden came to be in 1913. It sits on 89 acres of land paying homage to the land with its beautiful scenery. This garden was made in order to preserve the unique flora of the country. Even to this day, it is reported that most of the plants in that garden are indigenous plants. The proteas plants can be seen to be dominant outside as they are home to the Cape region.

There is a wonderful Exhibition Centre that showcases a lot of indigenous plants from the other regions of the country. This wonderful diversity brings a lot of animals that visit the Gardens as well such is small birds and bees. Birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. Perhaps it could be fun to roam the gardens in an affordable TRex Costume.

#6 – Orto Botanica di Padova

1545 saw the creation of this majestic garden in Padua. This list would be incomplete without the oldest botanical garden in the world. It maintains it’s original shape and landscape. The garden is circular and has a gorgeous ring of water surrounding it. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? It’s Italy thus expect no less. The garden is closely affiliated with the University of Padua and serves the purpose of being a scientific research centre. It sits on roughly 21 000m². This garden is known for its historical significance as well as the gorgeous plant collection it harbours.

#7 – TNAU Botanical Garden, Coimbatore

India really outdid itself with this garden. Like most of the other Gardens mentioned here the TNAU Botanic garden is on Tamil Nadu agricultural University where it serves the purpose of helping the students with their scientific research. The Department of Agriculture saw the establishment of this garden in 1908. This garden has a unique layout that creates a symphony between the formal and informal designs. It has a cool sunken feature that is home to a wide collection of flora and fauna.


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