Timeshare Scams: Learn How to Spot and Avoid Them

how to avoid timeshare scams

Getting out of a timeshare scam takes a lot of patience. The best way to avoid this problem is by avoiding offers with glaring issues. Scams in the timeshare industry continue to evolve, so staying alert is the only way to be safe.

The Expectation

A timeshare scammer will have an unfavourable reaction when you mention ACA Group. From that moment you go from an easy mark to a difficult prospect. Scammers play the numbers game, and are interested in easy targets instead of putting in the work with difficult ones. Any mention of legal action puts their plans (including everyone involved on their end) in jeopardy. Plant the expectation early on that you are serious when it comes to your money. If there are shenanigans at play, don’t be surprised when the scammer abruptly cuts off contact.

Fake Agents

Fake timeshare resale agents are one of the latest scams in the industry. They focus on manipulation with a ton of research. The amazing part about this scam is that all of the information collected makes the agent seem legitimate. Once they gain enough credibility, it is only a matter of time until you give them damaging information. Establishing rapport with the customer is the bread and butter of this scam.

Unfortunately, people tend to freely open up when they feel even a small sense of familiarity with the person on the other line. Never give out personal information over the phone unless you can 100% verify the contact. If there is even a small doubt, hang up and call the company back on a verified number from the business.

Bogus Promises

This one is hard to nail down because it is in a legal gray area. Overpromising is a common sale tactic used in all industries, not just timeshares. The difference here is that timeshare promises tip-toe a boundary that protects the lies with a contract. That means a legitimate timeshare agent can verbally promise you the moon if it means you’ll put pen to paper. But once that contract is signed, then you’re out of luck. Anything that isn’t written in the contract is technically not enforceable, at least not without help. This is a big problem in all sales related industries, and the largest offender is timeshares.

Viking Ship Timeshares

Viking ship timeshares are annoying enough that most people ignore them. But for the few that fall prey, getting your money back is an exercise in frustration. A Viking ship timeshare is nothing more than a scheme that tricks legitimate timeshare owners into getting rid of their investment.

Instead of paying you for the timeshare, you pay them to get rid of it. It sounds crazy, but the scare tactics used to market this scheme are next level. In many cases, the scammer will take your money and do absolutely nothing. Later on, you’ll get a massive bill for a timeshare that you had previously ‘sold’ to the phantom buyer.

Play It Smart

Scammers know how to pick the most vulnerable targets. If you want to stay out of that category, then gain an understanding of the most common scam tactics. You can always find a legitimate deal, or make the choice to completely avoid the timeshare industry.

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