Our Guide To The Best Of Sydney In Winter!


In the cooler months it can be far too tempting to cosy up on the lounge in your favourite pyjamas and watch film after film. But, we are here to convince you to do otherwise! Sydney is a hidden playground in Winter – if you know the right places to go.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon forget what those nights on the couch were like (well, maybe until Sunday…)

things to do in sydney

Credit: Weekend Notes

To See:

Sydney in the Winter is full of hidden potential. There are few greater feelings than finally reaching the entrance of a warm building after running around the cold, rainy streets of the city – and where better to feel this than at an Art Gallery!

Home to some of the most inspiring art galleries, Sydney will inspire you this Winter – so do yourself a favour and visit our top three picks:

#1 – Art Gallery of New South Wales

#2 – Museum of Contemporary Art 

#3 – Soho Gallery Sydney

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