The Secret To Buying Diamonds At A Fraction Of The Price

In our culture, milestones, celebrations and achievements are often sealed with the glitter of a beautiful diamond. Whether it be a prized engagement ring, a pair of classic graduation earrings or a meaningful anniversary pendant, diamonds have become synonymous with different stages of our lives.

Anne Hathaway channeling Audrey Hepburn in beautiful diamond jewellery! Image: Pinterest

Yes, definitely a girl’s best friend! Anne Hathaway channelling Audrey Hepburn in stunning diamonds Image: Pinterest


When these special occasions unfold, it is naturally a very exciting time. Whilst the idea of giving a symbolic gift can create euphoria at first (there’s the dreaming, designing and scheming that goes with it), much of this excitement evaporates the moment the buyer enters “The Jewellery Store”. It is here, in the glamourously-appointed confines of a fancy boutique, that many a diamond dream wilts under the glaring reality of a price tag with too many zeros! Sigh.

But it needn’t be this way.

According to Nissan Perla, the CEO of ‘Diamond Registry’ who is in popular under the glitterati of Hollywood (judging by the photos of Nissan Perla with Hollywood stars including Britney Spears, P.Diddy, Kim Kardashian and Gwen Stefani) there are TWO secrets to getting your money’s worth when buying diamonds (and diamond jewelry) that you must be aware of…

Nissan Perla CEO of Diamond Registry with loose whole sale diamonds


The insider tips to buying diamonds, according to ‘Diamond King’, Nissan Perla are:

1. Buy loose diamonds from a diamond wholesaler, not ready-made finished jewellery pieces.

2. Buy loose diamonds with certificates such as GIA, so you will not have any uncertainties about the diamond’s quality when you buy the diamond or sell the diamond in the future.

Perla says that all too often buyers end up with smaller, (and often more inferior diamonds) for their money when they buy a finished piece from the outset. Given the mark-up on labour, metals, the complimentary stones mixed in (not to mention those huge boutique overheads) buying loose diamonds is the key to getting a higher quality piece of jewellery or larger size diamond in the end – for the same (or lower) budget.

Diamond Registry Diamonds


Nissan Perla’s second secret: to buy at wholesale prices is also crucial! Thanks to websites such as Diamond Registry, there is now transparency into wholesale diamond prices that buyers like us can tap into with confidence.

Described as “the world’s most comprehensive diamond price and information platform” Diamond Registry is a safe, experienced and secure service that helps individuals find the perfect diamond, through sourcing the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds.

You can use exact diamond measurements such as diamond cut, diamond clarity, diamond colour, diamond carat or diamond symmetry to make your diamond choice even more unique and personal. With the additional option to design the jewelry together with their in-house jewelers to create a piece uniquely yours.

Beautiful diamonds at diamond registry


Packed with dozens of up-to-the-minute wholesale price lists covering diamonds of all shapes, sizes and colours, loose diamond buyers at Diamond Registry really do have the diamond industry at their fingertips. Backed up with lots of additional educative info and essential tips, Diamond Registry is well worth snooping through no matter if you’re buying a diamond right now or hoping to get one in the near future! (And it might be a good idea to bookmark their page, or drop a subtle hint to someone by leaving their webpage open at home!)

If you prefer to walk up to their offices, Diamond Registry have one in Hong Kong and New York. At the office you may choose your stone, see several stones and talk through your options with one of their highly-trained specialists.

So for any brilliant dreams for diamond jewelry or loose diamonds, Diamond Registry is the place that rocks! Diamond Registry can be found here.

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