The Reformation: Sustainable Fashion


Did you know that fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world?

The Reformation knows this and is making moves to change the way we make and consume our fashion, without sacrificing style.

Created in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, The Reformation designs and manufactures limited-edition collections in their own factory in downtown Los Angeles.

From the factory’s use of renewable energies to the 100% recycled packaging that each order is shipped with, The Reformation believes in fashion without the environmental fall out.

The Reformation Sustainable Fashion



The Reformation is doing its part to reverse the current fast fashion trend with quality, stylish and sustainable clothing. They use three different types of materials in production: new sustainable fabrics, re-purposed vintage clothing and rescued dead stock fabric from fashion houses.

Their ‘RefScale’ even lets you examine the H2O and CO2 statistics on all of their garments up against the industry standard.

The Reformation Sustainable Fashion



The Reformation has broken down the statistics and it doesn’t look good. Did you know that one cotton t-shirt uses up to 700 gallons of water to make? No, me neither!

But don’t fear, there are easy ways you can contribute to sustainable fashion. The Reformation has set up the RefRecycling program, designed to encourage people to think twice when cleaning out the closet.

How does it work? Instead of going for the bin The Reformation wants to encourage more people to consider recycling their unwanted garments.

Each shipment from their online store includes a free shipping label, simply fill up a box with anything you want to recycle, slap on the shipping label and they’ll do the rest.

You can even log into your Reformation profile to track where your donations are going and the positive environmental impact it’s having.

Tuula Vintage in Reformation

Tuula wears spotted jumpsuit by Reformation. Image:


If you’d like to peruse some guilt free fashion or learn a thing or two about the industry check out their online store

And if that only wets your appetite for more check out these sustainable options as well:

  • Freedom of Animals,
  • EcoBird,
  • H&M Conscious Collection,
  • Amour Vert.


SO – Will you be making the switch to sustainable? Let us know that you think in the comments below.


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