The Best Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve This Year

new years party ideas 2020
As 2019 fades into the distance and 2020 becomes a reality, it’s time to start planning the perfect ways to spend the last minutes of the year.

Of course, there are millions of fun ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but some ways are more fun than others. For instance, if you’re in New York, watching the ball drop in Times Square is one of the more bucket-worthy things to do. In Sydney, you can’t go past one of the many glittering parties down by the waterfront which are the perfect place to take in an awe-inspiring fireworks display.

However, if you don’t live in a city where there’s a big ball drop or fireworks show for the new year, you’ll have to find other ways to celebrate in style. If you’ve spent the past few years sitting at home watching the new year’s parties on TV while wearing your pyjamas, it’s time to make a change!

Say goodbye to 2019, and hello 2020, by choosing one of these fun New Year’s Eve activities.

new years party ideas 2020 c

#1 – Cruise into the new year  

When the clock strikes midnight on a NYE cruise, expect to experience a wide range of sensations: music, confetti, dancing, and of course, fireworks. There’s no better way to experience fireworks than from the water, so booking yourself onto a New Year’s Eve cruise is a great way to experience the best the night has to offer.

New year cruises typically offer food, a bar, and some type of entertainment. While not all cruises are all-inclusive, many are, and these can be great value compared to buying food and drink as you go. When in Sydney for the new year, consider hopping onto a New Years Eve cruise and get prepare to make memories you’ll never forget.

#2 – Dance it off

With the turn of the new year, we’re reminded about our successes (and some inevitable failures) that we’ve worked through from the year that was. With that being said, what better way to mark the occasion than to dance it off?! Dancing is a great way to blow off steam and have a great time.

This year, why not take your dancing skills to an LED dance floor! Whether you decide to dance the night away at a venue, or host a mini dance party in your home, gather some friends and make some moves to remember.

#3 – Go EAT

If you prefer a more sedate (and tasty) way to enjoy New Year’s Eve, then consider a celebratory dinner. Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys running around and getting into all the excitement that happens on the night. So, if you’d prefer to ring in the new year with a few loved ones and a lot less hassle, a sit down dinner can be the perfect solution.

Select a family-friendly restaurant if you’re celebrating the new year with young children, or head out to a buzzy restaurant if you’ll be celebrating with a group of friends. Remember to book well in advance, as the best NYE restaurant deals tend to get snapped up months in advance.

#4 – Party time!

It goes without saying that New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights for parties. No matter where you go or where you live, you can almost guarantee that you’ll find a pumping NYE party nearby.

Tap your friends list and see what’s happening around your area. Of course, you can always consider hosting your own big party if you’re game – and don’t mind cleaning up afterwards!

#5 – Honour a tradition

The last tip on how to celebrate the new year is to honour a tradition or create a new one. Starting a family tradition for the new year is a beautiful way to ensure that family has something to look forward to each year. You could start a formal dinner tradition with your immediate family or join up with extended family or friends to create something bigger.

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