The Best 7 Apps For USA Travel: Different Apps In Detail

best apps for USA travel

A trip to the USA – the dream for many people! We’ve picked out the seven best apps for travelling to the USA and want to give you an insight into how you can plan your trip perfectly so that there is no stress whatsoever.

#1 – Navigate national parks

In pictures and words, the National Park App provides a wealth of information about the 25 most visited parks in the USA. One national park in particular is an interesting destination. The Grand Canyon or Yosemite can be perfectly explored with this app, and is one of the largest in America. The National Park App also contains numerous other features. Accommodation options, snacks and restaurants or sights are also displayed so that the trip to one of the parks can be planned perfectly.

#2 – Travel safely and quickly on America’s roads

If you plan to book a rental car to explore the coast, we recommend a navigation app. With the Navmii app you get voice-guided navigation in your local language. Real-time traffic reports are also displayed so that traffic jams can be avoided.

Local highlights are also included, so you can take in some sights on the way to your next destination. Navmii is great because you don’t even need an internet connection to get to your destination. Saved offline maps mean you can keep track at all times even without a connection.

#3 – Experience Las Vegas with Casino Apps

Las Vegas is undeniably a destination worth visiting. In the city that never sleeps, the lights, glamour, and excitement capture the hearts of many. The casinos, in particular, beckon countless gamblers to experience their thrill.

However, the dream of hitting a jackpot isn’t limited to Las Vegas alone. Nowadays, numerous online casinos provide casino apps that enable players to chase their luck while on the move. You can find an overview of the most popular casino apps on a comparison portal, giving you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the excitement of online gaming. To get started, check out for a chance to win big and experience the thrill of gambling from the comfort of your own device.

#4 – New York has its own free app

If you’re travelling in New York City, the NYC Way app is recommended. To experience an exciting stay in New York, download this app (which is available free of charge for Android and iOS). Detailed tips on sights, nightlife, excellent restaurants and even pharmacies and banks can be found quickly and easily in this app.

The NYC app also has a great feature, as users are offered various booking options. This way, a hotel or restaurant visit in New York City can be booked in advance.

#5 – An unforgettable trip with a motorhome

For holidaymakers who want to explore the USA with a motorhome, the Cruise America app is a real must. Extensive information about campsites, restaurants, shopping facilities and petrol stations are displayed in this app.

The Save Map Function within the app also gives holidaymakers the opportunity to view all important information about their trip in offline mode. This makes it possible to plan an exciting and safe trip in America’s backcountry even without an active internet connection.

#6 – Off to Alaska! Two apps offer a wealth of information

Alaska is the largest state in the USA in terms of area. Many people also want to experience a trip in the great outdoors and therefore Alaska is the perfect choice. Due to its diverse plains, mountains, forests and numerous wild animals, the state, which lies northwest of Canada, has been a popular holiday destination for years.

With the Alaska App, visitors receive a comprehensive guide comprising 350 audio guides and a wide variety of videos. Numerous questions about areas and the outdoor activities and wildlife to be found there are also answered, making the app a must-have.

7) Keeping family members and friends informed

When travelling to the USA, a tourist can quickly lose track of the travel services booked. With the TripCase app, all travel dates and booked options are displayed at a glance.

A great feature of the app is that you can present the itinerary to family members and friends at any time. The whereabouts or a delay can also be sent via the app.

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