Tash Chats To…Keshia, Of Cylk

I chat to the lovely Keshia of Cylk, a Melbourne based label on the importance of textiles in their design and her journey to where she is today. 

Could you fill us in on how the brand was born?

The initial concept for the brand came about in 2006 when we noticed a gap in the market for luxury basics with a point of difference. With our collective experience in seamless knitting, we knew the next level was in luxurious blends with exceptional handfeel. The name originated from ‘silk’ but with a slight change in the spelling.

How was your personal career started? Any advice for aspiring career women?

Experience is definitely the key. It’s sometimes hard to know what you want to do until you try it. It also shows you where your strengths lie and it means you are always learning. It is also important to surround yourself with positive, supportive people.

Who inspires you creatively?

My team! We have a really great working environment and are constantly bouncing ideas off each other. The upcoming collection has been inspired by everything from landscapes to architecture and also raw, natural and organic textures.

Cylk is well known as a brand that leads the way in innovation- particularly with textiles. Why is this so important to you and the label?

As disposable fast-fashion floods the market, we believe in creating pieces that are unique and have a story to tell; from the way construct our pieces to the sustainable fabrics we choose and the technical processes we follow. There is a real beauty in substance and longevity and we aim to capture that in our designs.

What was it like winning the 2011 International Design Award for the “Best way of working with fabric” and what effect has it had on Cylk’s reach both locally and internationally?

It was quite a surprise considering an Australian brand has never won before, but it was a great to be recognised for our innovation on a global scale and has also been a platform for us to showcase the brand, particularly to industry professionals and designers from other countries.

How would you describe the Cylk girl?

Independent, effortless and aspirational.

What are some of the key pieces to shop for in the latest Cylk collection?

Some of my must have items for the Summer collection include the Geneva Blazer and matching Arva Short in white and the high neck Jasmine Dress in the striking peacock colour. They are perfect pieces for the upcoming party season.

Biggest achievement to date?

Opening our first retail concept store in Melbourne earlier this year. It has been so amazing to see the space evolve as it really conveys the essence of cylk. It has also been great to meet with our clients first hand and see how they respond to the brand and to our products. You miss a lot of the experience when you only sell through wholesale and online.

Any favourite bloggers?

My blogs of the moment are The Cool Hunter, Jak & Jil, YOLO and Boss Hunting.

The one item you can’t leave the house without?

It is sad but I would have to say my iPhone! These days it seems to be an extension of my arm.

What can we expect from Cylk for the rest of 2012?

We have events coming up at our flagship boutique in Melbourne to release the Summer collection and are also launching the cylk Styling Sessions, private by appointment only services in our store. We are also involved in some international shows later this year and have some amazing additions to the new collection. Watch this space…

If you could have breakfast with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Croissants and coffee with Audrey Hepburn of course! She would have had such an interesting life and I would love to hear her stories.

Check out some of Keshia’s key picks from their latest collection below!


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