Tanning Bed Do’s and Don’ts

tanning bead dos and donts

Before jumping into a tanning bed and getting the tan you’ve wanted all this time, you’ll need to remember a few things. To avoid tanning bed rashes and other irritations, keep an eye on these essential do’s and don’ts.

Do exfoliate

You don’t want to go into a tanning session knowing you have dead skin cells which you could have easily removed. If you keep them around during your tan, they will absorb the effects of the tan. Once they eventually fall off, new unaffected skin cells will take their place, making your tan look uneven.

Exfoliate a day before you go for a tan to remove dead skin cells and leave room for fresh ones. There are two ways to exfoliate: scrubbing them off or using chemical exfoliants. Both options are fine, but you might want to check your skin type to see if your skin is sensitive to chemical exfoliants.

Don’t forget to moisturise

Moisturising is another tanning step that is done before and after your tan. The heat from the tanning booths will absorb the moisture in your skin, leaving your skin dry.

Moisturising before you tan will ensure that your skin won’t come off as dehydrated. It is also important to replenish any lost moisture. Rehydrating by drinking water is also a crucial step for more beautiful skin.

Put on sunscreen

Your number one source of protection from harmful UV light is sunscreen. Any activity that involves UV light calls for putting on sunscreen.

Going into a tanning session without sunscreen warrants negative effects, which include sunburn, skin irritation, skin disease, and a leading cause of skin cancer. Having an SPF level of 50 is recommended to guarantee protection.

Don’t go into the tanning booth without goggles

This is another thing that you should remember to bring with you – goggles. Wear goggles during your tanning session. Your eyes should not be exposed to UV light as it can damage them.

You don’t need to wear the ones with thick straps that can leave white marks on your face. Wearing goggles with thin straps should suffice. It is just important to have them on!

Don’t wear perfume or cologne

Another no-no is to go into a tanning session wearing perfume or cologne. These scents can create a barrier, preventing absorption from happening. They can cause some skin irritation as well. On the other hand, makeup can make your tan uneven, especially if the layer is thick.

Do keep the sessions short

There are two reasons why you should keep your tanning sessions short. The first and obvious reason is safety. Prolonged exposure to UV light is harmful. Even with the use of goggles and sunscreen, you should still spend less time inside a tanning booth.

Your health and safety should be your priorities, even if it will take a while for your tan to show itself. You are ensuring your skin’s safety by limiting the number of minutes you spend inside the tanning booth.

The second reason is that your tan should be gradual. It’s not a one-time tan, especially since you should only have short tanning sessions. This makes for a healthy and natural-looking tan.

Your first tan should last about five minutes. After that, the next sessions should gradually increase by 30 seconds to a minute. Keep this up until the next session is ten minutes, or if you achieved your desired tan.

Keeping your tanning sessions short makes for a more natural-looking tan. But more importantly, you are practicing safety and care for your skin.

Wait a few hours before showering

This is related to the earlier point. You want to wait a bit if you decide to shower. Even if moisturising is important after tanning, you don’t want excessive and running water to wash off the moisturiser before it takes effect. To be extra sure, wait five to six hours and make sure to shower in lukewarm water. Make your shower quick as well.


Hopefully, this helps keep you aware of the little dos and don’ts of tanning in a tanning bed. Anything that involves UV light should be treated with absolute care and caution. Always keep that in mind, and good luck with your upcoming tanning sessions.


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