Style Code: Dressing According To 3 Main Occasions

Always knowing what to wear for the various occasions life throws at you can be tricky. Whether it’s deciphering what attire is appropriate in the age of hybrid working, what to wear to your club’s end of year gala, or what to wear to the bar after work, getting dressed can be a minefield.

Here we decipher three occasions that people either need to dress for often, or find it hard to find an outfit for – so that no matter what event you’re invited to, you’ll have a strong idea of which pieces of clothing you can put together to make a great impression.

#1 – Formal Occasions

Unless you’re working in a very professional sector that hosts many formal events, the idea of dressing formally is usually not one that comes up often. However, when it does, you need to show up properly. Dressing appropriately not only looks the part but also makes you act the part. If you are dressed elegantly for a sophisticated soiree, chances are you will also act that way.

When it comes to female formal attire, there is one major rule to stick to – never go too short. Formal events are usually marked with a dress or pant length which should reach just above the ankle or longer. Also, wear high heels, even if it’s just a small kitten heel, this speaks of sophistication.

Say you’ve been invited to a fabulous casino night where the proceeds go to charity. If you dress the part, you will engage with the games and other guests more appropriately. Researching the theme of the invite is also a great way to develop a few good talking points, such as learning the most popular casino games or knowing that you can check out these guys for casino bonuses.

The power of your outfit plus the power of your conversation will make a striking combination. Using the casino night as an example, you can dress formally according to the theme, bringing in elements of green, black or red such as the colour of casino tokens or even dress like a Queen in a deck of cards – the fashion world is your oyster.

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#2 – Attire For The Office

Another very important aspect of a woman’s life is work attire. Whilst going to work is often not referred to as an occasion (because we tend to associate occasions with fun!) this isn’t true. Needing to come up with an outfit that is professional and subtle, yet comfortable and modern – and to do so multiple times a week is a task on its own.

The best way to dress for work is to dress comfortably and according to your role. If you’re working in an office, consider wearing pants that do not squeeze around the upper leg region too much and allow you to sit comfortably. A great idea here is to find flowy pants that are tailored around your waist.

If you have a job that requires a lot of standing or walking, then you definitely need comfortable shoes. As hard as it might be to believe, Crocs are trending, which could make this the perfect opportunity to splash out for a new pair. Or, you can always reach for a pair of black or white sneakers, which are also modern and easy to walk in. Lastly, always make sure you wear a top that breathes so you don’t feel constricted or overly hot during your workday.

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#3 – Drinks After Work

One of the most common times for dating is after work. Many people try to keep their weekends free for their friends and family and therefore weekday evenings are often allocated to other social meetings such as first dates, a round of drinks with colleagues from work, or a mid-week girls’ night pick me up. Let’s face it, it’s not ideal to have to lug a bag with you for the whole day to change into a new outfit for when you leave the office!

There are a few ways to tweak your workday outfit so you can still dress to impress for an after work date night. One of the easiest ways to do this is to pack a heel. It won’t take up too much space in a medium-sized handbag and immediately elevates any outfit.

Or you can swap your work top with a silk shirt or top, perhaps with a beautiful pattern or your most flattering colour. Or, simply pack some elegant jewellery. Look for a statement gold earring, some diamond studs, or a classy bracelet to add some style and flair to your outfit.

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