Statement Earrings: They’ll Have You Grinning From Ear-To-Ear


Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? If not, then you probably haven’t stocked up on enough statement earrings this season!

Although pleading with my mother to get my ears pierced on my 7th birthday, aside from the presence of a small sleeper stud in the years that followed, I was never big on ear candy. It’s only recently that I’m thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t follow through on my threat of walking out of our local chemist mid procedure…

Statement earrings are a go to this year; turning our own ordinary outfits in to pins on everyone else’s luxe lists. Just so this information doesn’t go in one ear and out the other, we put pen to paper and rounded up 5 styles that are no doubt already rocking a side walk near you. Elevate your style with fashion-forward earrings for stacking, creating a captivating ear-party that’s uniquely you.

Regardless of your budget we’ve found statement earring options that are sure to have YOU grinning from ear to ear….


#1 – Tassel

SAVE – Lovisa Black Drop Earring ($13.99)

Our first contender is none other than the ever-so-popular tassel earring. It’s light nature makes it very easy to accessorise with, whether it be paired with a white casual tee or simple dress for your next night out! Lovisa has made saying no to this style very difficult by offering an excellent price point of $13.99!!

SPLURGE – Katerina Makrivanni Hand Fan $180

But for those with a little more cash to splash we recommend upping the ante and going for these Katerina Makriyianni Hand Fan gold-tone wool earrings. These might not be the cheapest option, coming in at $180, but an event of some sort would definitely be a reason to snap up this bargain in either black or mustard.

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