Scrunchie by FLYNN: The Only Handbag You’ll Ever Need

Tired of updating your handbag in line with the seasons? Looking for something that will honestly last you for years to come (but also won’t require taking out a small mortgage?) Let us introduce you to the Scrunchie bags by FLYNN.

Australian designed, Italian-made and here to last you from summer through winter, for years to come. This is the FLYNN mantra, an Australian accessories brand that’s recently evolved to focus on core silhouettes rather than seasonal collections.

Italian Connections

Made in Italy, you can rest assured that only the finest materials are used in the construction of FLYNN products, which are manufactured by experts in luxury craftsmanship. FLYNN has partnered with historic Italian textile manufacturer Limonta to produce its new iconic silhouette. Limonta are true industry leaders, working with some of the largest luxury fashion houses.

Together with FLYNN, they have crafted a product that allows you to bring a little luxury to everyday life, minus the price tag (just $250 AUD for the Scrunchie / Small and $325 AUD for the Scrunchie / Medium. Plus, free express delivery on all orders).

Why Scrunchie?

So let’s talk about the bag and why we think it’s possibly the only handbag you’ll ever need. The Scrunchie is an elevated tote bag that gets its name thanks to its clever design. Just like a traditional tote bag, you can wear it open. However, if you tighten the leather drawstring closure, you can also wear it closed, or ‘scrunched’ for a more secure fit and statement look. This innovative design gives the wearer the opportunity to wear it two-ways, making it both practical and stylish.

Why Nylon?

The Scrunchie bags are made from nylon, allowing for easy upkeep and lightweight durability. Available in three playful prints and a variety of block colours – think sleek tones of black, navy and olive, alongside rich copper, vibrant electric blue and bright sorbet, there’s an option for everybody.

Your Travel Companion

It’s not just the leather drawstring closure that makes this bag a must-have. The Scrunchie is all about versatility, easily fitting into your everyday life, no matter where you are in the world.

Available in two sizes, the small allows you to wear it in the crook of your arm, or in your hand, whilst the medium size offers even more possibilities. It’s large enough to comfortably fit a change of clothes, small toiletry bag, a wallet and phone, making it an ideal overnight travel bag.

For longer trips, both the small and medium bags are able to flat-pack in seconds, allowing you to store with ease in your suitcase and whip out when you arrive at your destination.

The Last Word

Here are our top 5 reasons why the Scrunchie is the only handbag you’ll ever need:

Seasonless design and concept

Can be worn two-ways; open or scrunched

Made from durable, lightweight materials

High quality product, minus the price tag

Flat-packs in seconds, making it ideal for travel

Find out more now at FLYNN.


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