Beauty Review: Dr.LeWinn’s ‘Reversaderm’ Range


If you read my recent post about how to get glowing for your big day, you’ll remember I mentioned that I had been busy trialling the Dr. LeWinn’s ‘Reversaderm’ range.

Today I am ready to report my findings!

Dr Lewinns Reversaderm Beauty Review

First: What is the ‘Reversaderm’ range by Dr. LeWinn’s?

The Reversaderm program is a 2 week regime that’s designed to dramatically improve your skin’s texture and tone. Because it is quite an extensive skin treatment program, it is marketed as an at-home alternative to salon skin treatments.

The idea is that you can reveal your best skin (at home) in time for an upcoming event such as a wedding, birthday, or other special occasion.

As I’m always steadfastly looking to improve all aspects of my skin (pigmentation, general ageing, dullness and dryness) I was really keen to give this program a spin.

The system is composed of 5 key products: ‘Glycolic Clarifying Cleanser’, ‘Micro-Cellular Age Correcting Peel’, ‘Tri-Collagen Accelerating Serum’, ‘Antioxidant Regenerative Cream’ and ‘Enzymatic Detoxifying Mask’.

(Note: you never use all 5 at the same time!)


  • Step #1 – Glycolic Clarifying Cleanser

To be honest, until now I always scrimped on cleansers because I thought there was little point spending money on a product that was on the skin for such a short time. Dr Lewinns Reversaderm cleanser

Let’s just say, that the ‘Glycolic Clarifying Cleanser’ has caused me to re-think that opinion!

A light creamy cleanser, this product glides on, circulates well and smells fruity-delicious. As per instructions, I left the cleanser to work some magic for a minute or two before rinsing off.

This product is packed with active ingredients that start working on the skin from the moment the product is applied. Clearer, brighter, smoother and generally more refreshed-looking skin was immediately obvious afterwards, even after the first usage.

TIP: I would suggest that if you happen to wear heavy makeup, you’ll get more benefit from the product if you do some pre-removal prior to cleansing. This is not a fault of the product in any way, rather – you want the ingredients to get to work on your skin, and not get worn out washing off the foundation first.


  • Step #2 – Peel

The ‘Micro-Cellular Age Correcting Peel’ is a highly-active peel designed to replicate salon results at home. I actually hadn’t used a peel such as this before, so I was quite excited to see what my skin would look like afterward.

Dr Lewinns Reversaderm Age Correcting Peel

Used every second day (during the 2 week treatment period), this peel reveals skin that looks fresh, plumped, smoothed and generally “newer”. Incorporating salon-style Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Complex, Vitamin C and Witch Hazel this peel includes the professional-quality ingredients you need to get noticeable results.

Left on for 20 minutes, it did tingle at little for the first few minutes, but it was not at all uncomfortable and it feels like it is working, which I personally prefer.

The peel absorbs a little into the skin, but it does not dry (and nor do you “peel” it off as I quickly discovered.) This product is simply rinsed off with warm water, revealing shiny new skin underneath.

Note: You may experience a light tingling sensation as the exfoliating gel takes action, however if it becomes uncomfortable, remove immediately. Never apply to red, irritated, or peeling skin.



  • Step #3 – Serum

The ‘Tri-Collagen Accelerating Serum’ is a “top-shelf” skincare product that made my skin feel even smoother and more nourished following the daily cleanser and/or weekly peel. Dr Lewinns Reversaderm serum

Dispensed from a pearly white bottle (complete with “dripper”), this serum could certainly hold its own against other higher-priced serums in the market.

It has a light pearly “milky” consistency that spreads easily – and far! A little goes a long way.

Deeply hydrating, the accelerating serum adds an extra boost of nourishment to the skin, leaving a soft, dewy finish.

Use daily, morning and night.


  • Step #4 – Moisturiser

The ‘Antioxidant Regenerative Cream’ is a day and night conditioning cream that includes Vitamin C, Shea Butter and Red Saffron. A light and creamy consistency with a fragrant floral scent, this is a good-quality medium-density moisturiser that carried out its task well.

Dr Lewinns Reversaderm Beauty Review moisturiser

Definitely not oily, however possibly just a fraction too light for the very driest skins, I found it well-suited to the other products in the program. It also absorbs easily and provides a good base for makeup, however the exclusion of SPF makes it absolutely necessary to apply a separate SPF afterward if you are going out in the daytime.

Not as “WOW” for me as the other 4 parts of the program, but this cream is still completely satisfactory.

Use daily, morning and night.



  • Step #5 – Mask

Masks have come a LONG way from those low-fi mud-sachets we all used as teenagers which left your skin uncomfortably tight. Step aside low-fi mud mask, and enter the mask of the future – The ‘Enzymatic Detoxifying Mask’.

Dr Lewinns Reversaderm Beauty Review mask

Designed to resurface and nourish aged or damaged skin, this is a sophisticated and effective mask that supplies real results.  Following a 15-20 minute application, my skin looked clarified and fresh. My pores were less visible, my skin looked cleaner than ever, and most of all my skin was very smooth. There was no dryness or irritation at all, and I do have very dry skin normally.

A purple-coloured freshly-scented gel mask, this product is extremely light-weight and goes on very translucently. Used after the glycolic cleanser once a week, the mask has a very “cold” feeling on the skin – almost tingling but in no way discomforting.

Use once a week.


So – What did I think of the Dr. LeWinns Reversaderm range overall?

I would highly recommend the Reversaderm program to anyone looking for a salon-style “skin makeover”.

Without any downtime or irritation, this program is perfect for renewing and reviving your skin immediately before a major event, such as a wedding.

I definitely see an overall improvement to my skin’s clarity and brightness. I love the oomph of the peel and mask especially, and would continue using these well past the 2 week treatment cycle.

(And remember to apply SPF 15 sunscreen or greater when exposed to sunlight during the treatment cycle!)

Rating: 8/10


P.S You have a chance to WIN this Reversaderm range:

Reversaderm are giving brides the chance to win amazing prizes. One main winner will receive a beauty consultation with a Dr. LeWinn’s skincare specialist as well as the full Reversaderm range for their entire bridal party. 10 Runners up will receive a 2-week starter set of the Reversaderm range (one cycle of treatment.)

To go into the running to get glowing, head to Pinterest! Simply create a wedding inspiration board with the hashtags #mybigday and #reversaderm in the Pin board title, and you are in the draw to win these great prizes.

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  • Reply blueruby Thursday 17th September, 2015 at 5:58 pm

    loving how this range is wallet-friendly too!

  • Reply BellaB Friday 4th September, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    Wow, this range sounds great.

    • Vanessa Roberts - Editor
      Reply Vanessa Roberts - Editor Wednesday 16th September, 2015 at 7:31 pm

      It’s definitely worth investigating BellaB, in particular the mask and peel!

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